Chapter 7- With Omaariee

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I stood the staring at him as if I saw a ghost. It was Omaariee. He was talking to me but I just zoned out. He was wearing a white true religion t-shirt with a pair of black true religion jeans and white air forces. (high tops) and a black snapback. He was so gorgeous. Lol. His pink lips were just calling my name....actually they were litterally calling my name.

Omar: zarae...zarare....ZARAE

Me: ohh sorry yeahh?!!
Omaariee's POV

Its about time!!

Ahh shes so beautiful. I grabbed her from behind and hugged her. She turned around and I felt her whole body freeze. I've called her so many times but she didnt answer.


Zarae: ohh sorry yeahh?!!

Me: lmao you zoned out there, you alrightt??

Zarae: your beautifu...I mean yeahh am good!(blushing)

Me: aww thanks I kno I am, but you are too.(smiling)

On our way to mine, we've spoke we laughed. Ahh shes to funny, cussing everyone that was staring at her. We reached my house and I lead her upstairs.

    Zarae's POV

I walked up the stairs, feeling quite nervous, even tho I see them everyday.

Me: wait omar, wheres your mum?!

Omar: shes at work she will be back later to meet you...

Me: oh okaii

I walked in the room and all eyes were on me. (Never Show Fear)

Omar: Zarae this is Nathan, Hunter, Josh, Corey&Cameron who are twins and..GCO

Me: nahh there best friends who somehow look exactly the same.

Boys: (laughing)

Omar: (screwing) and this is Michael.

Me: Hi everyone

After giving everyone a hug except Nathan, I found a space on Omaariee's bed and sat down.

Nathan: so everyone gets a hug except me?

Me: kmt piss off!!

After a while talking to everyone and joking around I wanted to play GTA5!

Me: omar can I play gta5 please( battering eyelashes)

Omar: no!

Me: why

Omar: your shit!

Me: yu havent seen me play kmt!

Omar: okay fine! (he went to set up the game then I heard arguing I looked up)

You kno that akward moment when yu see twins fighting and one says to the other 'your ugly' well this was one of them.

Corey: fucking prick suck out

Cameron: ugly piece of shit

Corey: if am ugly so the fuck are you

Me: can you both shut that shit up.

Corey: Or what??!!!

Me: you really wanna try me? (standing)

Corey: come den

Me: hahah you sed cum. (the boys were giving me weird looks)

corey: kmt hurry up

i went over to him and gave him the slap of life!! Not them little ones it was a backhand slap.

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