A Journey

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Kourtnie's P.O.V

I just lay in bed for awhile and just thought about Tony. I really missed him and was thinking of a way to go see him, but how!? I have no money because I quit my job! Ugh! Some things in life were hard, some more than others. I finally got up and went to go pick out some clothes, I just threw on a Sleeping With Sirens shirt and some shorts. I put on some masscara and put my hair up into a bun, I go downstairs and see my dad and siblings. I talk to my little sister for awhile before I feel my phone go off, I look at it and it's a message from Tony. I open it and look at what he sent me, it was a picture of him and the guys, they were in a car and all making stupid faces and I laughed, "What are you laughing at?" My little sister Victoria asks, I show her and she just laughs, "So which one is your boyfriend?" She asks looking at the guys, I point to Tony and she smiles, "He's not to bad looking." I blush and smile, "Yeah, he's pretty great." 

We just go back to talking and I was going through my twitter news feed and looking at all the comments I got from people, some hate, some not. I just shrug off the rude people's comments. I'm in a really good place right now, I can't let people bring me down, it's really not worth it. After a little bit I go make lunch for every one, I go put on some boots and go outside to our barn, my dad recently got some farm animals off of my ex sister-in-law and her husband. I go out to the barn my family and some friends built after I came home from the tour, they gave us a few horses and cows. I walk over to Tulip's stall and look at her, she's probably the most gorgoues horse I've ever seen, sleek pinto coat, big brown eyes and these long whiskers. I put my hand out and she comes over and rubs her head and snout on it, I open the stall up and lead her out to the field. I go get a brush and comb and walk back over to her, I start brushing her mane first and then the rest of her body, she munches at the grass and I sit on the gate and watch her. I really love having farm animals. Sure it's hard work but it's fun, I go get a saddle and harness and walk over to her, I put her bit in and throw the saddle over her. I get it strapped on and make sure everything is where it needs to be, I lead her out of the gates and shut the gate really quick. I use the rail to get up on the saddle, I sit there and get adjusted and fix my pants so they weren't ridding up me. We set off in a slow walk and just take our time walking around, stretching out some muscles, we walk to a pasture that we use to run the horses around and let them have fun. I put her in a slow lope and just forget about the world for a bit, I put her into a walk and take her over to the water trough.

I look up just as a car is pulling into the drive way, I just think it's our neighbor and she got a new car, until I see four guys get out and look around. I just stop moving and breathing, Tulip feels me tense and she moves around to get my attention, I get out of my daze and pat her neck, I relax as does she. I see the guys look around and see one of them has spotted me, they all turn to look and I put Tulip into a fast lope, we get up to the guys and I jump down and run over to Tony. He picks me up and spins me around and I laugh and squeal as he does it, he sets me down and gives me a long, sweet kiss, the guys all come around me and we have a group hug, they squish me half to death before they all let go and I can breath, "Seriously guys, must you do that every time we have a group hug?" I say laughing and putting my arm around Tony's waist, "Well, you are the shortest one here." Vic says looking at me, "Actually I think we're both the same height. So that makes us the shortest ones of these monsters." I say looking up at Tony, "But I'm a cute monster right?" He says smiling, "Yes, a very adorable one too." I say standing on my tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek, "Well, I gotta go put her up, you guys can come with me if you want?" I say grabbing Tulips straps, they all agree and we walk over to the barn, I lead the guys in and they all just stand there looking around, they go their seprate ways and look at the horses and cows. I take Tulips saddle off and along with her harness, I put them up and see Tony just petting her, she looks so calm and relaxed around him, I walk over slowly and I pet her neck, "She likes you." I say looking at Tony, "She's beautiful." He says almost in awh. I smile and put her in her stall, I give her some feed and hay and make sure she has water, "So! You guys ready to meet the family?" I ask looking at all the guys.....

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