Chapter 6

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Harry's POV


We all were upset because something unfortunate happened a couple days ago me and emma got into a huge fight which ended up with her leaving me hopefully not forever though ya see we aren't broken up she is just taking some time to think. "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F*** HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME!" I heard Liam yell at the top of his lungs it turns out Jessica was seen by the paps with another guy and Liam isn't take it so well. I had proposed to emma a couple weeks ago on our anniversary and she gladly accepted my proposal so I was excited but now I'm unsure if she regrets her decision or not it's easy to think about it because I love her so much and it is hard to think she hates me right now and it's all my fault



I come home and look around the dark room and hear nothing but sniffles coming from mine and Emma's room and I go to ask her what's wrong then it hits me I see a funeral paper on the ground and then I started to talk to her then she started yelling at me and everything saying it's all her fault then she stormed out and hasn't came back since


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