···· Jason Point of View····

The ambulance got here and took off Emily of my hands. "Jason! What happend?" Her mom ran outside and when she saw Emily she started crying. I saw Jack next to her he looked at me and smirked. I ran and tackle him to the floor I started punching him over and over again. The police had to pull me away from him. They cuffed me and put me in the police car.

"He is the one who shot her,Arrest him do something." I yelled and I saw the ambulance leave. "Please, Take me to the hospital." I shouted.

" You need to calm down first." The police man said. "Will take you but first we need to know what happend."

" Alright, I'll tell you on the way to the hospital but you need to arrest the man." I spat and when I turned around he was already gone. "He escaped."

"Will find him, Don't worry." The other police man said. "Take him to the hospital and we will search for him he can't be  far away."


"Thanks for your statement,McCann. Will close all the ways out of Hawaii don't worry, Will get them." The police man said as he uncuffed me. I ran inside the hospital and saw her mother crying.

" How is she? Is she alive? Answer me." I shout.

" She..She is in a emergency operation." She sobbed. "The doctor are doing everything possible to save her."

" This is all your fault. Nobody knew about the house only you and Toledo. You brought that man here and he betrayed you by shooting your own daughter." I shouted. "Get the fuck out of here. You never loved her so wipe off the guilty tears out of your face."  I spat and walked to the front desk. "Can you please check how Emily Toledo is doing." I said to a woman.

"That's not my job." The woman said.

"I'm won't fucking ask again go check on her Or I'll kill you right now." I threaten and she maybe recognized me because her facial expression changed completely. She walked towards a nurse and said something. The nurse walked closer to me.

" Listen, McCann.. Emily Toledo is fighting for her life right now. She lost to much blood and the bullet hit her on the chest not to far from her heart. She is a fighter and She'll make it. The doctor is removing the bullet right now." The nurse said.

"Please..Just save her life." I sighed and sat down on the chair waiting for new news about my baby. Her mother walked towards me and I glared at her. "Get the fuck away from me." I spat.

"The nurse said she needs a blood transfusion and..She doesn't have the same as mine..Maybe it could be yours?"

"She is your daughter she has to have the same type of blood as you."  I spat.

" Her blood type is Negative O just like her father." She sighed.

"I'll do anything for her." I spat and walked to the operation room.

"You can't be in here." A nurse said and I saw Emily so pale with matchines attach to her and the doctor working on the wound.

" I'm Negative O." I said and the nurse grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. She took a blood test and we waited for a few minutes for the results everybody was in a rush I guess she really lost to much blood.

" Its all alright. Come with me McCann." I laid down on a hospital bed and they took all the blood they needed.

" Will she be alright?" I asked and she sighed.

"We can't asure anything, McCann she is really delicated but she is fighting for her life." She said. "Rest here for 15 minutes and drink this juice please." She smiled and walked away.

···· Emily's Point of View····

I always though the day I died would be from being old or sickness but being shot? Never. Its crazy how everything can change so fast with just a choice. I choise to love Jason McCann one of the biggest Criminals out there. A choice that I would never regret. Everybody see's him as this monster but I only see this person who needs love and someone to be there for him and that's me his Fiancé, Emily Toledo.

"Still thinking about him?" I heard my dad's voice.

"D-Dad?" I stutter and turned around to see him all dress in white. "Where am I? Am I dead?" I ran and hugged him.

" You need to wake up, Em. Wake up." He whispered. "You can't leave McCann he needs you."

"Dad..I'm sorry." I whispered. "So sorry."

"I know." He smiled and faded away.

I open my eyes and looked to my side to see Jason on the chair sleeping while holding my hand. I squeeze his hand and he looked at me. "Emily." He stand up and kissed my forehead. " Almost a week with out you say something." He whispered.

"I love you." I whispered and closed my eyes again.

"Baby, Look at me. Open those blue eyes please." I force my eyes to open and I looked at Jason. His eyes fill with tears. "I love you, Too." I smiled.

" What day is it?" I mumbled as I tried my best to stay awake.

" Saturday." He said."You were in a small coma.".

"Baby, You have to go to your sister's graduation."

"I am. I leave in a few hours to Toronto." He kissed my lips. I tried to sit down but it was impossible my chest started hurting so badly. "Lay down baby. Don't move."

" Just when we were happy...I got shot.. Jason..You leave  to Toronto don't go after them."

" I wont." Something about this its wrong. He would have wanted to stay and be by my side. Now he wants to leave? Its weird.

"Promise me you wont." I raised my voice and hold my chest in pain.

" I can't promise you nothing. I love you." He kissed my lips and walked away.

" JASON!" I Yelled and the machines started beeping everything got blurry. I saw the nurses ran in and all I could think was his dark cold brown eyes I have seen that look before..Its the look of a criminal fill with hate..fill with the need of revenge..Fill with the need to kill..Jason McCann is back.





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