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It’s been a couple of days since I last spoke to Christian. He seems to have stayed unnaturally quiet. It’s strange though, I feel as if he’s just waiting to pounce.

Griffin, the handsome boy from English, hadn’t given up like I’d thought. He’s been trying to woo me ever since I’d chosen Wendy over him. In all honesty I’m starting to like this kind of attention, if it wasn’t dangerous I’d allow it; join in maybe.

But I can’t. He’s tainted; strongly. I have to do well in keeping distance if I’m to stay here.


A hand comically waved itself in front of her

“Woo-hoo, Camille? Are you in there?”

“Yes Caroline, where else would I be?”

“No need to be all sarcastic” Caroline huffed

Camille smiled. Caroline was a gentle yet scary girl. Camille had met her through Griffin; like many other girls. Apparently, in this school, rejecting Griffin Locke as much Camille had made you climb the social ladder. Girls envied Camille for stealing Griffin, some hated her while others admired her. But some, like Caroline, shared her distaste for Griffin. Caroline, like many girls, had a history with Griffin; one which didn’t end well for Caroline.

“Camille? Are you listening?”

“Of course I am”

“I swear to God Camille, sometimes you are so dense”

“I can’t help it, not everyone can be as perceptive as Caroline Davies”

Caroline sighed “Maybe this is how you manage to ignore Griffin’s creepy watch”

“Don’t tell me, he’s looking at us again?”

Us no, but you yes”

Camille rolled her eyes.

“Come on Camille, he’s always looking at you. How long do you plan on avoiding him?”

“Are you seriously bringing this up again?”

Caroline jumped in front of Camille

“Caroline, I’m going to be late”

“You aren’t running out of this again Camille”

“You’re being childish”

“Childish? In case you hadn’t noticed, we ARE children.”

“Now who’s being sarcastic?”

“Stop it Camille! You act like you’re so much better than everyone, like we are meaningless to you. It’s as if you hate everyone!”

“Caroline, wait-”

“No Camille...” Caroline had begun to cry.

Camille moved to comfort Caroline, but she was cut short. Somehow Wendy, Wendy of all people, had come in to take Caroline away.

Camille threw her head back and sighed.

Who knew pretending to be a school student came with this much drama?

“Having trouble with the God Squad, are we?”

“Fuck off Griffin”

Camille walked off. Lunch had barely started and she’s already feeling anxious.

I’ll have to be quick with my meal. I can’t afford to waste any more time.

Camille walked from school to a nearby diner.

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