Chapter 7

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Chapter 7, Agnes,

I was hiding behind a rock, grr I lost Rory and August again. I hope they're ok but I kind of have my own problems at the moment. I heard the terrifying sound of footsteps getting closer. I kept wishing for this to be a dream and to just wake up. Please just wake up.
Then I heard it again, he's behind me. I was then chaotically pulled from behind the rock and pinned up against a tree. I was now staring this person right in the eyes, he, he's gorgeous. Who is he? He has amazing blue eyes and gorgeous light brown hair. He was about fifteen I'd say. He looked so intense he had a darker ring to him, that's it, he's not waring white. No wings either. I realized he looked kind of fazed by me too. He was studying me from head to toe he looked kind of out of it now. I then realized my heart was racing and I was tingly from head to toe from are close promotors. He then looked me in the eyes and shot me a confused as hell look. my breath caught in my throat as he leaned in closing the space between us. He was lingering above my lips. He whispered. "Forgot me already princess?" That voice, why is it so familiar? And that nick name?
He chuckled. "That hurts." As he pulls back a little. I finally find my voice. "Who are you?" He looks hurt as he says. "You don't remember?"
I respond. "Sorry." I whispered, I then gave him an apologetic smile. He looked into my eyes almost looking lost in them.
" you'll know in due time." He whispered. Then he was gone.

Jake's POV~

I was perched on a branch in the middle of the woods pondering my thoughts.

I can't believe she doesn't remember me.

She was my best friend my partner in crime, but yet she is an angle? And I'm a demon the devils spon. They were all my friends before the accident, Agnes, August, and Rory. I wish they could remember then maybe they'd forgive me. All I want is for them to understand how sorry I truely am for everything I've done. I'm so sorry, and it's tearing me up inside. I let out a sigh and jumped from my perch to the ground below. I then began to wander the forest in deep thought. Can she remember anything from before she had wings? I then let out a gasp of realization. They acted like they had just met when I saw them exploring the woods they acted almost like strangers. I let out a sigh of irritation then started back to the base, or as some say the alliance.

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