Chapter 8

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{Cams Pov}

"Really?" she saiys hanging up and turning to me with a huge smile. "I can go with you guys!" she then ran straight into my arms. The only arms I felt comfortable in.

"That's great!" I replied hugging her. I was so happy that we could finally get to know each other more. She was on the bed jumping up and down like a 5 year old. I laughed and got up there with her.

{Lexi's Pov}

I was so happy she got to stay! I can't believe I'm even going out with THE Cameron Dallas. This was all surreal. I pulled out my phone and opened twitter.

"Best. Day. Ever with the fave. 💖 @CameronDallas" Then I jumped down and a knock was at the door.

I couldn't believ my eyes.

It was him. I don't want to see him.

I ran away from thee door into Cam's arms.

•A/N qjaksjslnKsnSjzjsjs short chapter, i know but im really lazy atm but here's an edgy cliff hanger for you!•

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