Behind closed doors

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Chapter 1: go for it

Okay there was this girl named Sam. She was 13 years old and went to Foster Park Elementary school in her 8th grade year.

She didn't really fit in with everybody mostly because she was considered a "lame" just because she wasn't popular. But she didn't care she still had friends of her own.

Kiovante was her friend since first grade that she dated in second grade all the way until 8th.

Kristen was her best friend she met in 5th grade along with a short chubby girl named Antera. And the last one is Maiya her friend she met in 8th grade

Okay so it was the second week of school and all the students were at lunch.

Sam and her crew always ate lunch away from everyone else. "So I stepped in pee today guys" says Sam. Everyone stops eating and gives her an awkward look. "Umm..How???" Antera says. "Yeah, how??" Kiovante adds on. "Well Idk, maybe it was just Apple juice but I'm not really sure...either way I stepped in something yellow" Sam says laughing.

Everyone else laughs. "You're such a goof" Maiya says chuckling.

Sam looked at Maiya and blushed a little hoping no one noticed she did. "Yep that's me, goof Sam" she laughs nervously.

After a while the bell rings letting them know that it's time for their next period which was math.

"Ugh, another day of this stupid math class" says Kristen. "You don't like this class?" Antera asks her with a raised brow. "I mean I would like it if I didn't sit next to Xavier I mean come on am I the only one who thinks he smells like raw fish and librarians?" Kristen says, practically almost yelling it.

Two mean girls heard her say that, Jalisa and Julia walked over to their table when stank faces. "I know y'all not sneak dissin ova here" Julia says pushing Sam's books off the desk. "what the hell!?" Kristen yells "we were not even saying nothin about y'all" "yeah you guys are listening way to hard" Sam says rolling her eyes. "Who tf are you talkin to, see all y'all gone get fudged up keep playin with is like we some goofies" jalisa says clapping her hands.

"--so I advise y'all to" "Okay class settle down, we have a lot to cover today" the math teacher Mr. White says interrupting jalisa.

"We'll deal with y'all after class" Julia says going back to her seat across the room. Sam looked back at her friends and mouthed ''oooh I'm sooo scared' with a mocking look on her face. They all gave a silent laugh and looked at jalisa and Julia and scoffed.

As moments passed it was time to go to the last period of the day.

Science class.

Kiovante acts stupid by dancing like a monkey down the hall while Antera, Kristen Sam and Maiya records him and laugh.

He accidentally bumps into the football player Kirk. "Yo man wtf are you doing?!" Kirk screams and pushes Kiovante down on the floor. Kristen rushes over and helps him to his feet, "oh man my bad I didn't see you" Kiovante says very shakily.

Kirk gives Kiovante a mean look then he walks away pushing people as he goes. "Are you okay?" Kristen asks Kiovante. "Yeah I'm fine it didn't hurt" all the friends continue their way to science class.

"Today is the day that you all will have to pick your partners for the science fair. It can be 2-3 people in a group. No one is allowed to work independently."

Says Mrs. Jones. Everyone looks around for their partners.

Kiovante, Kristen and Antera are all working together. "Sorry Sam and Maiya. But why don't you two just work with each other? She said it can be 2 people on the project too." Kiovante says to the both of them. "Sam and Maiya both look at each other. "Fine with me. Cool with you Sam?" Maiya says nudging Sam playfully. "Y-yeah that's cool." Sam says smiling uncomfortably. "What's wrong with you, you seem kinda bothered by something are you doing okay Sammy?" Antera asks her putting a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah no I'm great! Never better! I'm just feeling a little weird from the lunch I ate but other than that...I'm great" Sam says laughing awkwardly.

Her friends look at her uncertainly then quickly shake it off. "Well okay let's get to work! Wow I never thought I would hear myself say that"

Kiovante jokes making them laugh and playfully smack him up the head.

They all get in their groups and goes to a separate table to work except there is they all get in their groups and goes to a separate table to work except there is no more tables left for Maiya and Sam. "No biggy, wanna just go work in the hallway?

We can make fun of teachers who walk past us too. Bonus!" Maiya jokes.

"Um yeah cool we can do that. Hey Mrs. Jones can me and Maiya go and work out in the hallway?"

Mrs. Jones nods her head giving them permission.

Both girls head out to the hallways and sit comfortably on the mat that was laid out. "Okay so I was thinking we should do a project that makes a huge explosion.

Well not a huge explosion but a big explosion, but not a big explosion but more like a big small but cool explosion.

You get me?" Maiya asks looking at Sam for an answer. "Ummm yeah I think I get you...a little" Sam laughs.

Maiya laughs back. Maiya looks down at her notebook and starts brainstorming ideas for the project.

Sam does the same except she couldn't help but continuously glance back and forth at maiya who hair was flowing down her back, one side tucked behind her ear and a pretty head band behind her Chinese bang.

Sam thought she was just so stunning.

Maiya quickly looked up and found Sam staring at her. Maiya laughs, "What?" "N-Nothing, I-I was just-just seeing--" "seeing what?" Maiya asks very curiously. Sam turns very red and looks everywhere except at maiya. Sam takes a deep breath and says, " I was just admiring how beautiful you are maiya." Sam says looking down.

"Wait, what?" Maiya says shocked. "Sammy, if you ask me, it kinda sounds like you have a crush on me" maiya says nudging Sam.

Sam looks up shocked at maiya's reaction. She thought maiya was going to freak out and walk away instead. "Hmmm, maybe i do, maybe I don't" Sam says looking at maiya in the eyes this time.

Maiya laughs. "When? Why? And why didn't you tell me this. I'm your friend." Maiya says.

"That's exactly why I didn't want to tell you M. Cause you're my friend so I thought you would get weird on me. I never planned on falling for you maiya really I didn't. One reason being because you are my friend and another being because're a girl"

maiya continues to listen to her as she speaks.

"I guess just hanging with you for these 2 weeks of school made me feel closer to you than my own friends who been my friends since forever.

Now that you came I can't control my feelings. I've been trying to process this for a while now and I think I have came to the conclusion that I am falling for a girl. You maiya." Maiya's eyes get big. " so I guess what I am trying to say is..well..maiya, would you be my--" ~Bell rings~

everyone comes rushing out of class almost stepping on maiya and Sam.

Sam and maiya quickly gets up. "I guess I'll catch you tomarrow Sammy?" Maiya yells over the chatter of kids in the hallway.

"Yeah for sure" Sam says sadly looking down again. Sam turns to walk away when maiya grabs her arm and says, "and yes"

Sam just stares at her trying to comprehend. "Yes?" Sam asks dumb minded.

Maiya chuckles, "Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend" maiya says looking into Sam eyes. Maiya turns and walks away and gave her one last wave bye before she wa completely lost in the sea of kids.

Sam stood still as a staue for a second trying to process what just happened. She slowly starts to smile really big and heads toward her locker with the same smile on her face.

~End of chapter 1~

Authors note: Thanks for all of you who are reading so far! But I will only continue if I know people enjoy it. Please comment keep going or vote for me to continue this story. Thanks guys! :D

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