Chapter Forty-Six

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Sofina's Perspective

" Are you really sure that now's a good time to tell your parents? " I asked.

" Well, when is the good time? They already have heard it from the news. Or maybe read it from the paper. "

We were already in their driveway in London.

" Okay, you're right. Better now or never. "

Edward went out of the car and went to my door and opened mine.

" Shall we? " he said, offering his hand.

And I took it.

And when we entered, the house was okay, I think.

" Ed, is that you? " a woman's voice came from somewhere in the house.

" Yes, it's me, Bex. " Edward replied.

Then who I assume is Bex came coming down the stairs.

And the second floor has an indoor balcony, so, I can see the rooms upstairs.

" Ed! You're back! " she said as she hugged Edward.

" Hey, Bex, I didn't know I was missed that much. "

" Well, you were gone for almost a month. "

Edward mouth half-opened.

" Uh, Bex, this is my fiancée Sofina. " Edward said emphazising the word fiancée.

" Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Rebecca, Edward's sister. " she said now she was hugging me.

" I'm Sofina. " I said

" Ed, lemme borrow her first, we gave a lot to talk about. " Rebecca said putting her arm on mine.

" I guess. " Edward said, but Rebecca was already pulling me upstairs.

We entered, on what I think is Edward's room.


The room's theme is black, gray and white.

The walls were painted white. And his furnitures were black and gray.

"Is this, uh, -" I started

" Edward's room? Yes. " Rebecca said

" Oh. "

" Okay, you think it's weird that I'm showing you around Ed's room, without him. "

" Yes. "

" Okay, you don't need to feel weird, after all, you'll be my sister. "

" Heh. "

" Why don't we sit down? " Rebecca said  as she sat down on Edward's black sheets.

And I did.

" So, how did you guys meet? " Rebecca asked

" Uh, you'll think that how Edward and I met is weird. "

" Oh, come on, tell me. "

" Fine, we met in Wisconsin. "

" But you're absolutely French. "

" I am. "

" Continue. "

" I'm one of Allana's roommates back in Wisconsin. "

" Like Allana Chase? "

" The Allana Chase."

" Oh, shit. "

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