Paul Walker's My Babysitter? (ch.24) Party Time!

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Paul's POV:

"It's party time!", I tell everybody at Vin's house.

*Lou looks at me smiling.*

"Hey what's going on my Princess?", I ask her.

"I miss Brian and Mia Time.", she says.

"Do you wanna watch The Fast And The Furious?", I ask her.

"Do I?", she says. "If Brian can drift.", she says.

"Okay come on that's a yes.", I say.

*She gets up and follows me. She watches Vin and Michelle kiss for some awkward reason.*

"Hey Paul?", Jordana asks.

"Hey.", I reply back.

"What is she doing?", Jordana asks.

"She's watching The Fast And The Furious.", I say as Lou smiles.

"It's O' Conner time!", she says as Jordana and I laugh.


Lou's POV:

*I love my Mom and Dad so much. Well, the movies over I guess it's time to find Dad. I get up and walk into the hallway, hearing loud music and some people fighting. I don't see my Mom or Dad. I start freaking out, trying to find Uncle Ty or Vin.*

"Uncle Vin?", I say over the loud music.

"DAD?", I say.

*I don't get a answer. I slid down to the floor, then I hear footsteps.*

"Lou?", somebody asks.

"Hey Uncle Cody.", I say as I pat for him to sit down.

"I'm sorry for what happened the other day.", he tells me looking at me with his blue eyes, sitting down next to me.

"It's fine Uncle Cody. Where's Caleb and the others? Also where's my Mom and Dad?", I ask.

"Paul and Jordana...I don't know. Caleb...somewhere probably drunk, but I'll keep an eye on you, okay?", he asks smiling at me.

"Okay.", I really don't know what to say to Cody, since he beat up my father.

*Cody stays with me until after the party. I still don't see my Mom and Dad.*

"Mom? Dad?", I ask walking around the house.

"Uncle Vin Uncle-"

*I get picked up by Ty.*

"Ty what are you-"

"Sshh! I'll explain in a minute.", he says as I nod, and he takes me upstairs.

"Where's my Mom and Dad? I came to look for them, after the movie was over. Cody stayed with me until the party was over. But mostly where's my Daddy?", I ask as I start crying.

"Honey honey calm down. It's okay, I promise.", Ty says.

"But...I want my Mom and Dad.", I tell him.


Paul's POV:

*Gosh! I don't know what happened to me...wait? Why am I dressed in white? And have wings? Seriously? I'm pretty sure my daughter hates me now! I don't even remember what happened to me, and where's Jordana?*

*Wait? I think I'm dreaming. I hope!*

*So I get up and start walking around in my dream or whatever. I don't find anybody, so now I'm getting nervous.*

"Lou?", I say.

"Jordana?", I say again.

"Paul.", a calm voice says.

"What?", I look at the figure. Don't tell me I'm dead! I'm freaking out now.

"Hey buddy calm down."

"Who are you?", I ask.

"I am Jesus. You're fine and you will go back to your daughter. You got wasted man! But don't worry Alyssa's fine, so is Jordana and Aaron.", He tells me.

*I'm scratching my head looking at the figure with a glowing face.*

"I'm sorry but did you just say Jesus?", I ask.

"Yes. You are fine Paul.", He says.

"I want my Princess.", I say.

"You will have her now.", He says as he shoots me back into my body.

*I get a huge whip of air. I just died! Wait? Lou! I get up running to find Alyssa.*

"Lou?", I say.

*I'm running. I see Lou on the bed with Tyrease, I run to her and pick her up.*

"My gosh I missed you!", I say.

"Dad?", Lou says.

"Yes?", I ask.

"You are warm and you are dressed in white?", she asks.

"Oh yeah I kinda died, but I'm fine now! I promise I won't leave you.", I say hugging and kissing her.

*She hugs me back crying.*

"Paul?", Jordana says.

"There you are! I was looking for you.", I say grabbing her and hugging her.

"Paul, your warm-"

"Yeah I know. I kinda died, but I'm not going anywhere I promise.", I say.


Paul's POV:

*I sit here waiting for whatever Lou wants me to wait for.*

*She comes downstairs.*

"I'm Brian!", she says smiling.

*I laugh. I love it when she wants to be Brian O' Conner or Nolan Hayes, or anyone of my characters. It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.*

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