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(Matt's POV)

"Fine." she says rather reluctantly.

I pull her over to a set of lockers and turn around to face her. My heart is beating out of my chest, just as it has been since the moment she walked into Geometry this morning. I can't believe the odds of this happening. I knew she was moving to Virginia, but I had never expected it to be Woodbridge of all places. I couldn't help but notice all the attention she got today. She seemed to not even notice. Her and her older sister are the only thing my friends talked about at lunch today. Most of their comments had been crude and mentioning how nice her butt was, which I don't necessarily disagree with.

Matt, cut it out. She literally walked out on you for no good reason. And then she threw herself at Jack. She made you look like a fool. Get out of your feelings man.

"Well?" she asks impatiently.

"What are you doing here?" It comes out much more harsh than I was expecting. She backs up a bit at the sound of my tone.

"Whoa, calm down bud. My dad's work moved him here. Trust me, if I had known you were here, I would've demanded we transfer somewhere else." she rolls her eyes.

"Well then." I say, masking my hurt. 

"Is this conversation almost done? My sister is waiting for me outside." she states.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I wasted your time." I say bitterly. A look passes over her face but then almost instantly disappears.

"I'll see you around Matt." she sighs and turns towards the parking lot.

"Ellie wait." She whirls around with a hopeful look in her eyes.

"It.. It's great seeing you again." I mutter. A small smile plays across her lips.

"See ya around Espinosa." she says before walking away. My face softens a bit and the angry facade I was wearing starts to slip away. Me and her, we're uncharted territory, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to explore.

(Ellie's POV)

I quickly slip into Trinity's car and slam the door.

"Whoa what's up with you?" she asks as we pull out.

"You remember how I told you about my mix up with Matt Espinosa in Chicago?"

"Lemme guess, you had a bunch of classes with him today?" she asks.

"How did you know that?!"

"Delaney called me and told me. She told me not to tell you."

"I'm gonna kill her." I mumble.

"Lovely thing to say about a friend who just got out of the hospital, after nearly dying."

"That's not how I meant it, and you know it." I say, the anger from my conversation with Matt spilling into my words.

"Chill, it was just a joke. How was your first day, besides the Matt situation?"

"Really good actually. I think I found a friend group. There were a few cute guys too."

"Oh trust me, I know. I got hit on a bunch today. And I got invited to a party this Friday."

"Why am I not surprised?" I laugh.

We pull into our garage and I tell her that I'll see her later. I was given a bunch of homework on my first day, which sucks. About fifteen minutes later, I hear a bus stop in front of our house, and then the sound of the front door open and close. Kennedy, Reagan, and Azalea's voices travel up the stairs to my room. I go back to my Geometry homework and groan.

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