Key to her heart (prologue)

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Hi guys! This is my first story so please dont judge it to harsh ;)
Hope you like it anyway :D


I barely remember my harsh childhood ... But there is one thing that i can't forget ... That boy that stayed by my side when i needed someone to comfort me .... I don't remember his name .... Neither his face .... Just the golden lock that he gave me and promised ''When we grow up , and we meet again you'll recognize me by the only key that can open your lock....''

Britney Castillo : the normal high school girl you could have , 17 years old. She has long light brown hair that she usually holds up in a ponytail. Her eyes are light brown. She lived a hard childhood living apart from her mother with her father but once , he father died in a car accident , which hurted her a lot . Since then she loved with her mother. She is sweet in the inside and friendly but can get nervous quickly

Austin Mahone : he is a teenager of 17 years old. He is tall and has brown curly hair that he always hide in a beanie. He has  hazel eyes and a nice and hot body, typically the 'perfect guy' . But , when his parents died , when he was 12, he turned to the dark side and began to become a 'bad boy' . He is hot-tempered , he gets angry quickly and can be very protective over the people he love.


So guys , like i said , this is my first story so don't be too hard on me ! But i would like advices that can help me improve my writing :) thx and hope u enjoy!

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