"Stop being everybody and be somebody"

It was a gloomy morning, for me that is. Everyday is like this anyway. I don't even know why I'm still in this world. I've attempted taking my own life a lot of times but her voice has always been keeping me from doing it.

"There's more to life you know. Stop being a coward and face everything"

My name is Khelone. I always wanted to be like those other guys who just act all natural and still get along with others. I was born with this antlers permanently glued on my head; probably the reason why my life is this messed up.

I was abandoned, of course due to my abnormal appearance, like those mainstream movies where they're born, abandoned, adopted by great parents, live a life being maltreated, strives then become loved by everyone.

But mine is completely different. Those characters can easily stand up on their own feet because they have freedom of speech. They gain friends along their way because of easy communication.

How's mine different?


I'm mute


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