Chapter two: The Next Morning

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I was half way to Brandon's door until I heard a creak in the floor. Then remembered it was me. I heard a shift in Brandon's room and hoped to God he wasn't coming out of his room. I stood in front of his door as my heart skipped a few beats and I placed my hand on the door knob. I peak in to see Brandon with his eyes closed and his chest slowly rising up and down. 'I shouldn't be doing this.' I thought to myself. But I am. I can't resist myself. I slowly walked into his room and silently closed the door behind me. I walked over to the other side of the bed and slid next to him. I got closer to him and wrapped my arm around his body and snuggled my head on his shoulder. He must have been awake or maybe I woke him. Brandon pulled my arm closer to him. I smiled. "How'd you know it was me?" I whispered.

"I recognize your scent." He said shifting over to face me.

"Eww you know what I smell like. That's sounds psychotic if you ask me." I said with sarcasm.

"Well everyone has a scent. Its just yours happens to be memorable." He smiled opening his eyes.

I laid my head back down on his chest and at that moment nothing else mattered. Okay. Well Jude mattered. And his I mean our adoption mattered. But right now. I had no words to say. All my depressing days from the past had left for that moment and happiness flooded through my body.

The next morning I had awaken in Brandon's bed. But Brandon wasn't there. I slid off and walked into me and Mariana's room then walked back out. I thumped down the stairs and into the kitchen where I saw everyone string on their phone. All except Jude who of course was playing on Lena's phone. I saw Brandon texting someone. It probably was Thalia. Them my hand vibrated. A text from Brandon stood out.

"Hey ;) I'm going to have no plans today. And you have to go see that silent movie for photography class wanna go together?"

I smirked and responded back agreeing and telling him to not make things obvious.

I walked over to the coffee pot and poured myself a cup of coffee. All i could here was the clicking of texts and beeps and the pouring of my coffee. Then sat next to Mariana who was text fighting with Jesus. It's probably still about Lexi. It's been 6 feet were cold and sore. Most likely from those damn heels. God I hate those things. Why can't she just drop it? I broke the silence. "So guys. Moms are on their honeymoon. Maybe we should make them breakfast in bed. I mean they deserve it." No one answered. Until Brandon said "yea. I think it's a great idea. I'm in." As he got out the eggs and bacon from the fridge. "I'll help!" Jesus and Jude said. But Mariana was still silent. Until I saw I tear fall from her eye to her phone. Then She ran outside to the patio and and sat on the bench. "Umm guys I'll be right back." And I ran after her.

"Hey. What going on. Are you okay?" I ask obviously know she's not okay.

She choked while taken a deep breath. " I hate everything. All of this. It's awkward and weird. And gross. And it hurts me that he would do this. And behind my back. I can't deal with the fighting anymore. I just want it to be over. Because its hurting me."

I've never been through this before but I tried my best to understand. "Listen. I know I'm not gonna understand much. Because Jude's not my twin. But I understand how weird it would be if Jude started dated one of my best friends. And behind my back finding it out would hurt. But think about Jesus. He did this behind your back because he didn't want to destroy your brother-sister relationship and he definitely didn't want to destroy your friendship with Lexi. And because you found out he's worried that your going to destroy their relationship. Because he loves her." I think I did pretty good.

She wiped her tears and we walked inside together. Breakfast was practically done. Mariana helped and poured Stef and Lena coffee. I put everything on the trays and Mariana and Jesus walked them up together.

I decided to take a shower so I walked into the bathroom and waited for the water to be just right. Mean while, I got the towels and my soap ready. I stripped off my clothes and stepped into the shower. I let the warm water pour down my neck and my back, letting all the stress from after my last shower flood out of me. And that was a lot of stress. Through the court system with Liam. To those damn heels. To the kiss. And possibly risking me and Jude's adoption.

I turned off the shower and stepped out. I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my body. I grabbed my clothes and walked out of the bathroom trying to quickly get to me and Mariana's room. Then I ran into Jesus. Well things are definitely awkward. "Ha shouldn't you be wearing a bra?" He threw sarcasm at me.

I walked around him saying "Ha shouldn't you be wearing a condom?" I threw the sarcasm back.

"Ok. I see how it is." He said back.

I walked into me and Mariana's room and stood in front of the closet and picked out a plain white top and old jeans. I walked over to my bed and put on my dark but almost light blue converse and I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs. I grabbed my phone and saw that Brandon texted me.

"Hey. I'm going to meet you at the theater. I have to get some stuff for moms. I'll see you later."

That's ok. I was going to walk anyways.

When I arrived at the movie theater Brandon was waiting outside. I walked over to him smiling. And we walked in hoping no one saw that. The movie was so boring. There was nothing interesting. Well that is because it was silent. But during the movie, Brandon put his arm around me, and pulled me closer. I couldn't tell you how happy I was. He kissed my cheek and I swear it was the cutest thing ever.

When me and Brandon arrived home moms were making dinner and Mariana and Jesus were working out the problem. "Where's Jude?" I wasn't really worried he's always at Connors house.

"Umm Callie. Jude's in the hospital. He's fine don't worry." Stef said. And I went into shock. All I heard was ringing and I was dizzy.

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