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Kacey's POV

"What" I say. My voice is filled with different emotions. My mom signs me out and I run to the car. Crying I get in the car and blast the music. My mom turn it off. "Kacey... Is there something you are not telling me." She asked, her voice filled with hesitation. " n.. no why?" Oh god the stalker! " oh nothing.. Just wondering!" We are home and I run upstairs. I start blasting Pierce the Veil and watch DanIsNotOnFire. Oh how much I love him.

----------------Kris's POV------------

Kacey never goes home early. I wonder what's up... Soon I get a text from Kasey.

Kacey:"Hey babe, everything Is fine. Someone tried to get into my house. He/she didn't. Anyways, wanna go to the park when u get home?"

Kris: "sure. I gtg love ya🌸"

And with that I lock my phone. I wonder why she is taking this so well. She was probably crying. She's a tough girl.

------------------6th period-------

The bell rings and I walk to lunch. Two more periods until hanging out with Kacey. God I love her. Anyway i get my lunch and sit at the table. All if a sudden my ex Chrissy sits on my lap. " hey babe. Since your little scene girl isn't here do you wanna sit with me?" Her voice is filled with lust and it's grossing me out. I push her off and leave. I go to the library and start reading The Fault In Our Stars.

--------------authors note---------

Hey guys. Sorry for the short chapter. Anyway who do you think the stalker is? Luv ya

----Dat Blonde Chick----

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