Chapter 3

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Niall's Point of View:

I walked out of my condo and saw Trinity sitting outside.

"Nice to run into you again.", I said.

"Ya, but any chance so you know how to pick a lock? I accidentally got locked out."

"Totally! Its a hobby."


I picked the lock and opened the door.

"Thank you do much!", she smiled. She had a pretty smile that any one could die for.

She entered inside but didn't close the door. I guess that was an invitation to come in.

"A nice place you got."


"So, how do you like New York?"

"It's okay. Im here to graduate then I'm going back to Los Angeles."

"Wow. Im actually from Ireland."

"That explains your accent."

"Um, I have to go."

"Well thanks for your help.", she smiled.

I walked out and looked for a next willing victim.

I walked a few blocks into an empty alley. A girl walked through.

"Hey, beautiful.", I said.

"Hey.", I pulled her closer. I reached my hand into my pocket reaching for my knife.

I put the knife right into her stomach. I did it again. And again. And again. 4 stabs. My heart raced when I was stabbing her.

I felt better every stab. I left her bloody body on the ground and turned the corner leading back to my condo.

I feel no guilt when I stab girls. They hurt me. And they deserve not to live.

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