Chapter 4

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   (I do not own any of the characters, Veronica Roth does. I only own the plot. And by the way, if you didn't read me A/N from the last chapter, it is currently Saturday in this chapter.)

   Tris's POV

   I hear the sound of the shower running. Why does Caleb always have to take showers in the morning, and wake everyone up? I sigh and get out of bed. I walk over to my dresser and get out my running clothes. I slide them on and tie my Nikes. I quietly walk down the stairs and grab an apple and cereal. I quickly eat my breakfast, wanting to get outside and so my morning run. I grab my IPod and headphone as I'm walking out the door. I put my headphones in my ear and play my AC/DC soundtrack. I sprint for most of the time, wanting to let of some steam. Suddenly, I feel someone behind me. I turn my head around to get a glimpse at the person.


   He fastens his pace to keep up with me. I chuckle and roll my eyes. He grabs one of my headphones, and puts it in his ear. He rocks his head back and forth in a rock n' roll motion. I do the hand motion and stick my tongue out. Four laughs. His laugh is so sweet. I've never seen any warm expression from him over the week. I love his laugh. We round the corner to my house and come to a stop. I see Uriah and Zeke waiting by the house in front of mine. They both raise their eyebrow suspiciously. I sigh and walk into my garage. I open the fridge in the garage and grab a water bottle.

   "Trissy can I have a water bottle?" I practically jump when I hear Four's voice right behind me.

   "Sure." I mumble. I grab a water bottle and toss it to him. The water bottle smacks him right in the chest and falls to the ground. I chuckle while he glares at me. I turn around to get an apple out of the fridge, but I feel long arms wrap around my stomach and pull he over their shoulder. I glance at the person's face. Of course it's the one and only Four.

   "You're heavier than you look." Four grunts. I laugh and start flailing my arms and legs. He starts to run back to the house where Uriah and Zeke are waiting in front. Four runs to the fence gate and opens in.

   "Why are we going into some random persons yard?" I yell in his ear.

   "I live here." Four says while smirking. We round the corner of the yard and there, in the blank open, is a pool. Four runs straight towards is. I screams and start thrashing even harder.

   "Is little Trissy afraid of water?" Four asks, raising his eyebrows. I'm deathly afraid of water. And the fact that many people drown in water. Oh right, and I can't swim.

   "I can't swim!" I screech. Four rolls his eyes.

   "Of course you can." He says while throwing me in. I hit the water's surface and start to sink. I thrash in the water, trying to get to the surface. I finally give up out of breath, and just sink to the bottom of the pool. I hear a faint splash as someone dive into the pool. My vision get fuzzy as I'm running out of oxygen. We break the surface, and I am lied flat down on the grass. Water spills out of my mouth, and I'm too out of breath to sit up, so I just lay on the grass. I suddenly feel warm lips on mine, pushing air down my throat. I gasp and shoot my eyes open, seeing Four leaning over me.

   "I was alive you nimwad." I gurgle. I groan and sit up slowly.

   "I thought you were just joking about how you couldn't swim." Four says, blushing. Oh my god. I'm wearing a white shirt with a red sports bra. I widen my eyes realizing that my shirt is probably see through. I shoot my arm across my chest and fold them. Four looks down at what my arms were covering, and quickly looks away. I stand up quickly, and start to walk back to my house. I hear Four jog up to me.

   "Tris wait. I am really sorry for almost drowning you." He says, rubbing the back of his neck.

   "Well thank you for being my hero." I say. I stand on my tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he turns his head and kisses my passionately on the lips. I pull away blushing and walk quickly back to my house.


   Sorry I have not written in awhile! It just that I'm having a lot of sports going on right now. I will try to write more often. And I just realized that I have on average 30-50 reads per chapter. That may not seem like a lot to you, but to me, that's amazing! Thanks so much! And also, I'm willing to take suggestions on chapter ideas in the comments. Cya!


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