We didn't know who killed Katy. She didn't hurt anybody. She loved everyone she meets. I know the people that wouldn't had killed Katy. Kathy she couldn't had killed Katy because she was with me the hole time. Also she was kind and sweet as can be. Patti couldn't had killed Katy because she loved her so much. Also she was in the restroom when it happend. Max couldn't had killed Katy because he was with me and Kathy during that time. Also he was kind to everyone.

I had no idea who or what killed Katy. It could of been a bear or some crazy person doing drugs. After Katy got killed we couldn't go home because they didn't want anybody else getting killed. So we had a buddy systems. My buddy was Kathy. Me and Kathy were happy that we're buddys. Max' s buddy was James. I never met James yet. But him and Max are best friends. I'm going to meet James at lunch time.

I can't wait. At the same time I was scared to meet James. I didn't know if he was nice or mean. It was almost lunch time I was waiting for Kathy and Max. Kathy came and she was crying and she was yelling and saying $@&_#$$_!!! I was asking what's wrong she said that max got killed. I just started yelling to the sky why are all my friends going why Lord. Who is killing. Kathy didn't have to suffer. Who else is going to get killed will it be me or Kathy or James or patti or Kelly or penny?

I'm going to find out who killed Katy and Max .I'm not going down with out a fight. And I'm not leaving with nothing in my hands. I'm going to do everything in my power to find the monster that did this........... I'm going be on them like donkeypunch 911.......... They are going to wish that they hadn't killed my friends. Kathy is going to help me find him/her. I have the most powerful person I know is my Lord and savior. I'm going to end this. It can take me years to find out who has done it. But it will be a challenge......

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