Riker's POV/

     I got all our stuff into the car as well as Rocky, Ross, Rydel, Ell and Roxy's stuff. My dad got into the car too. He was gonna drop us off at the airport. "Remember behave with them and don't do anything stupid" My mom says crying. We all go into a group hug and my dad joins us. "Go get your girl" Ryland says. I smile and hug him and then there was another  group hug. All of us kissed my mom and Aunts cheek.

      My mom and aunt kissed Roxy's cheek and we all got into the car. "Buh-bye" (Bye-bye) Roxy says to my mom and aunt. Ellington smiles. We then waved again. Rydel was also crying 'cause she's mommy's little girl. "I love you mom" She says to mom. My mom cries again. "I love you all too. Make sure you come back as soon as possible" She cries. "Don''t worry and we won't be back alone too" Ross says smiling. "Three people might be back with us" Rocky says and Riker smiles and dad drives off.


Rocky's POV/

      We finally arrive at the airport. We go in and my dad goes to buy tickets for L.A. (II don't travel so I don't know all this stuff). We all sit down while my dad buys us tickets. "We goin to see Wiley?" (We're going to see Riley?) Roxy says to us. "Yah baby, your cousin" Ell, says causing Riker to smile. "What about her mama?" Roxy says again. "Don't worry Riker is gonna get to know her and I'm gonna make up with Laura" Ross says. Riker smiles and I just stay quiet. I wish I was Riley's father ._. I would have named her Rockell but ya know Riley's fine. 

Ross's POV/

     "Do you think you'll recognize Riley?" Rydel says to Riker. "Heck yah, I would never forget my daughter" Riker says. "AWW" Rydel says causing Riker blush a little. "Who's Waura?" Roxy asks Ross. I smile a little and say "Oh she's, your Aunt... Yah Aunt." "Oh" Roxy plainly says and our dad comes back. "Ok here's your tickets, next flight to L.A" He says handing all of us a ticket.

     "I'll miss you guys but Riley can't live without a father like I did so good luck. And, I got you a little money here. (He hands us each $500 including Ellington) And you guys might wanna get a job for extra cash. No funny business and like mom said don't do anything stupid. And here's a credit car. Only for emergencies only" (Hands Riker the card) "Thanks dad" Rydel says hugging him. And we all join in. Ellington picks up Roxy and we all hug. "Next stop, L.A." I say and we board the plane waving one last time.

~6 HOURS LATER~ (Don't know if thats true ._.)

Ellington's POV/

     We get off the plane and find our luggage. Rydel calls a taxi and we all get in. I strap Roxy into the car seat they had. Rocky says our address to the driver and we leave the airport. "Wow, this place hasn't changed at all" Riker says looking out the window. "Yah I know, I can't wait to meet Laura again" Ross says. "And I can't wait to see Vanessa and Riley again" Rocky says making Riker send him a death glare. "But since your dad said where the extra keys we're do you think they moved out?" I say. "Oh yah, where do you think they'll be?" Rydel says to Riker and Ross. "I'll  call Raini or Calum again, they might know where they are" Ross says. We all nod and just stay quiet.


Rydel's POV/

     We finally get there and we all get out. From behind I hear heals clicking. Riker must've noticed too 'cause I looked at his face and he didn't wanna look back. They stop and then I hear it again but this time it was going faster and it stops again and I turn around and I see a door close. "Huh, that was weird" I say and Riker agrees. "What is?" Ross says taking out a box. "Nothin" I say. Rocky, Ross and Riker take out the luggage. We pay the driver and he leaves. We look at our house. "Yup, nothing has changed" Rocky says and we all nod and Ellington goes into the bush to get the keys. We unlock the door and walk in. "Wow, just as we left it 3 years ago" I say. "Ok, so Ell your gonna sleep with Rydel and we will get Roxy's crib later" Riker says going into his room I suppose.

Laura's POV/

     I carry Riley into our house. I put her down and I look at the window. OMG THEY'RE BACK. The Lynch's are back. I haven't seen them in such a long time. I know they heard me. Wow they got taller. Who was kid Ellington was carrying?? "Whats wong?" (Whats wrong) Riley says to me. Should I tell her? Yah she should know right? Nah I'm not gonna, imma let Ness do it. "Nothing, where's your mom" I say to Riley and she shrugs. I walk into the kitchen to see a note.

     "Hey Laur, I went to The Lynch's house 'cause I wanted a walk through memory lane. I was going to Riker's room to see things. Anyway I'll be back in five ten minutes probably ~Love Vanessa" I say out loud. OMG she's at The Lynch's and there back. OMG what if Riker runs into her. Vanessa kinda doesn't wanna talk to him since they left for 3 years since it was supposed to be for 9 months. I should call her. For her sake I hope it's on vibrate.

Vanessa's POV/

     I was looking through Riker's stuff. He didn't leave anything tho. Only a couple of things. Like his socks and a box. I put pictures of us together in it. I put Riley's 1st birthday, 2nd and 3rd birthday pictures of her in the box. I do that so if Riker comes back he'll know what he missed in Riley's childhood. He should've came back for Riley 1st birthday. You can see I'm a little mad 'cause Riker still hasn't shown up. Actually I'm pissed that he isn't in his daughters life -_-

     Then I here the door open. Who is that. Maybe Laura. It sounds like a lot of people. I put down the box on the floor and I run to the top of the stairs listening and trying to see them. 3 Of them are blonde and 2 have brown hair. Why does that group look so familiar. I see one of the people with brown hair carry a baby with blonde long hair. "Wow, just as we left it 3 years ago" I hear a girl say that sounds really familiar. 

     "Ok, so Ell your gonna sleep with Rydel and we will get Roxy's crib later" I hear a guy who sounds really, really familiar. Ell, Rydel Roxy?? OMG is that... No it can't be. I run into Riker's room 'cause I remembered that I didn't put the box into it's hiding place and plus I needed to get the hell outta here. I put the box back and I hear footsteps. I hide in the closet next to the door. 

     This is one of the reasons why when Laura and I we're little she always found me whenever we played hide and seek. I look at the room and I see I left a picture of me and Riley on her 3rd birthday. OMG I'M SCREWED. GOD JUST KILL ME. I was about to get it but then tall blonde walked into the room. I look at his face and it's Riker!! AM I JUST IMAGINING THINGS!! DAMMIT THAT'S RIKER. My mouths drop all the way. That's Riker.

     What is he doing here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sh** He then see's the pic. "Oh my god" He says and runs outta the room. ~Phew~ I wonder if he recognizes us.  I was about to go out the window 'cause I still remember the day when my house got on fire. Riker taught me that. Just then my phone rings and my volume was up high -_- The song "Forget About You" By R5 played (:D) Then I hear footsteps again. I freeze 'cause this is the end.

Riker's POV/

      I walk into my room. Wow, my room is exactly like it is before. I see a picture on the floor. I pick it up and study it. That's Vanessa and... Riley. WOAH!!! THAT'S RILEY! THAT'S VANESSA. SHE LOOKS SEXY! No Riker don't be a perv. I look at it again. "Oh my god" I say and run outta the room. I was about to go downstairs and I hear a phone ring and it was "Forget About You" By us. I run back into the room. And I see the same girl that was in the pic. That's Vanessa. "H-hi" She says. "Vanessa?" I say to her.

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