Chapter Two

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Shelby's P.O.V

I woke up in a strange place. I was laying on a nest made of sticks, grass and feathers in some sort of hut big enough to fit about 12 fully grown wolves in and still be big enough to move around freely. There wasn't anything else in here but I noticed an entry way to my right. I slowly stood up, unsure about where I was and what would happen if I was caught by something. I sniffed the air as I carefully and silently padded up to the door.

I could smell something unfamilliar, something like fresh berries and leaves. It's a strange combination of scents but that wasn't important at the moment. What is important is finding out where I am and how I got here. And any questions I have should be answered through the door.

As I stepped through, the harsh sunlight shone down on the area lighting it up for everyone to see everything around them. I was momentarally blinded until my eyes adjusted and I saw lots of wloves, young and old, walking or running around. I watched with fear as I realised where I was. I was in a pack. Those wolves brought me to their pack. I don't belong here. This isn't my home. I can't trust anyone here. I need to get back. To MY home.

Before I could even take a step, a fully grown female wolf stood in front of me and I instantly shrunk towards the ground as I stared up at her. Her fur was a redish orange colour and her eyes were a very light brown, almost hazel. She looked kind but looks can be decieving.

"Don't be afraid little one. I'm not going to hurt you." Her voice is soft and calming, you could tell she used it to calm others but it didn't work on me. I can't trust her. She could be lying to me.

She leant-down and carefully picked me up by the scruff of my neck, like she did when she took me away. I squirmed in her grasp, wanting to get away from her jaws that could easily kill me.

But she wouldn't budge. She just continued to walk into the hut, ignoring my attempts at trying to get free. I let out a strangled cry and she instantly put me down on the floor. As soon as my feet hit the floor I ran as far away from her as the small hut allowed and coward in the corner against the wall.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realise I was hurting you, little one. I don't want to hurt you at all. Just wanted to put you back into the nest." She said softly to me but she didn't approach me, and I am thankful that she didn't.

I watched through scared, yet curious, eyes as she stared at me then moved towards the nest and lay down facing me. She used her tail and patted the area infront of her, signaling to me to go lay with her. However I didn't move a muscle, I was too scared to go to her, fearful that it was just an act and she would attack me.

"Come and lie down little one. You need to rest. I'm not going to harm you in anyway. You can trust me." She assured me and I slowly, very slowly began to walk to her. My whole form was shaking from fear but I kept walking towards her.

When I reached the nest she lifted her tail from where it had been and I instantly curled up into a very small ball. I felt her nose press against my back and sniff my fur. I tensed and stayed very still as she continued sniffing me. Then she lifted her nose away and I thought that she was going to leave me alone. Though that hope was shattered when she began to lick my fur clean. I have never had anyone clean my fur and I don't like it. It doesn't feel nice. So I squirmed away from her and let out a huff, showing my annoyance in her actions.

She sighed and lay her head next to my still curled up body. She had, hopefully, given up on trying to clean me or do anything to me.

"You know you are very stubborn for a pup. I have never met anyone as stubborn as you. Though there is another pup who you remind me of and she could possibly be as stubborn as you." She said in amusement. There's another pup like me? Was she captured by this pack? Or is she born from the pack and just acts like me?

I was quiet while I thought. I wanted to know who this other pup is and who this wolf with me is. I wanted to know where I was and what pack had taken me. But I doubt I will get all of my answers to my questions.

"What is your name?" I asked her quietly, hoping that she heard me clearly.

"My name is Jenny. What is yours?" She asked in return. Should I tell her? Should I just say I don't have a name? Or should I just remain quiet?

"Shelby" I answered as I lifted my head and looked at her. She smiled at me and nudged my side playfully. Maybe I could trust her. Maybe she will keep me safe from the other wolves who may want to harm me. But for now I might as well sleep. So I curled up again and sighed softly as I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off, dreaming about where I used to live.

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