Elsa's pov

Hello. My name is Elsa Arendelle. I am 16 years old. I have platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. You could call me a nerd or geek or whatever name you like. I'm not usually noticed. I'm always just there. I just moved to Southern California two weeks ago. My new school doesn't start till tomorrow. Camp Half-Blood High School. A school for demigods. The school was founded by Annabeth and Percy Jackson about 20 years ago. The school is basically Chb, but a high school. I guess I should spill. My mom is Khione. My dad is a demigod. Connor Stoll is my dad. He changed his last name to Arendelle.

Skip to the first day of school.

"Elsa. Come on. School starts in thirty minutes! I want to see my friends!"

That would be my sister, Anna. She's 14. A freshman. I'm a junior. And unlike me, she has actually made friends. While I was reading, she was socializing. She always made friends quickly. And I always am quiet. It's just the way we are. Even though we have different personalities, she is still my best friend and I am hers. Anna has a different mom than me. She is Anna, daughter of Demeter. People shy away from me. But they all love her.

Our school is about a five minute walk from our house. We still haven't met our neighbors yet, so it was just me and Anna. When we got there, Anna dashed off to see her friends. I went to the attendance office because I had lost the paper that said what locker I had. The lady at the front desk gave me my locker number and a Hershey kiss. My locker number was 229. I went over there to put my books away. As I was walking, I was looking down. I hardly noticed anyone. Then I bumped into someone. He had white hair and pale skin. Everyone was staring.

"I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention. My name is Jack. Jack Frost," the boy said.

Wow. He's cute. "No no. It's my fault. I wasn't looking. I'm Elsa, daughter of Khione. Whose your godly parent?"

People sort of backed away after I stated who my mom.

"Well," Jack started," my moms Selene. The goddess of the moon. I'm blessed by your mom though, when I was five. She gave me my powers." Jack then did a little magic. Ice shot from his hand and he created a mini flurry. I thought only I could do that. I stared in aw.

"So do you have powers?" Jack asked.

"Oh... Um... Yeah... Um... Same as you." I made a snow woman and she started to walk away.

"Woah. I've never had live creations before," he said. Then he created a snowman who ran to catch up with the other.

Then the ten minute bell rang.

"Oh," he said,"I have to go. What's your homeroom?"

I said,"Oh... I'm in GATE."

GATE means Gifted And Talented Education. You basically have the same teacher for Greek history, Latin, weapons making, and the knowledge and powers class, along with the same classmates.

"Really? I'm in GATE, too. You want to walk together?" he asked.

I of course said yes. A hot boy wants to walk with you? What else would you say?

Mrs. Clarisse Rodriguez, our teacher, was nice for a daughter of Ares, but she spent way to much time on the Titan War.

After lunch I went to beginning band taught by Michael Yew. After that I went to fight class taught by Chris Rodriguez. It turns out that Jack and I have the same schedule.


Afterwards, Jack walked me home because it turns out he is my neighbor. Figures. Maybe school won't be so bad.

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