Chapter 4:

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Jaylyn's P.O.V

I hear knocks at the door and its just me and my lil sister her. So Jayla goes and opens the door with me behind her. I have on No shirt showing off my tattoos and my six pack with some elite socks on. I see this sexy girl that looked to be 5'2 and light skin with a bad ass body that looked like an hour glass. She with some dude he looked 20 but who cares he brought a sexy girl. "wassup y'all" I say staring at the girl. "hey I'm Reagan and this is my bro TJ" she said. "wassup" TJ said. "wassup I'm Jaylyn not to be rude but why yall here" I asked. "because my momma wanted to see if yall wanted to come for dinner we just moved in today next door" TJ said. "uhh my momma not here she at work we'll stop by later tho" I say. Jayla gives Reagan the biggest hug ever. "hi I'm jwayla" she says. "aww nice too meet you Jayla how old are you" Reagan asked. " fwour" she said. She looked so cute talkin to Jayla.  "well can I get y'all number" I asked. "I don't have my phone with me " Reagan said shyly.  "Alright ma its coo ima see you later tho" I said licking my lips for getting that TJ was there. "okay see you later" she said blushing.


This kid Jaylyn was flirting with my sister like i wasn't there like bruh calm that shit down. "TJ!!" I hear someone from downstairs scream "what" I yell. "I'm going to work and Richard is gonna be here to watch carmen if you and Reagan leave" my momma yells back. "ight" I semi yell back. Ill be damned if my momma creepy ass boyfriend watches carmen ion like that niggauh.

Jaylyn P.O.V

So Im gonna head to the trap wit my boys cause I need to get some time to get away from my crazy ass lil sister I love her but she is to much. So my aunt is watching her. I have on some camo cargo shorts on with a gray shirt that says fvck wit me in black letters and my bred 11s with some nike elite socks . Ya boy looking fresh about to get all thesev hoes.

Reagan P.O.V

So I don't no anybody here except for Jaylyn and ib don't have his number so we can hang so I decide to go to the park. I have one a pair of  white high wasted shorts with a grey halfshirt with lips on it with my red and white flights.  I put my hair curly going down to reach myb waist and yes its all mine im mixed with black Dominican and Spanish so y'all girl got it goin on. "TJ im leaving bye" I yell for him to hear and grab the keys to my all white camaro. As I am driving I see hoes hating and niggauhs lurking I just keep going blasting my music. im listening to my favorite some Yonce/Partition and I sing along while at a stop sign. And I see a store cause im kinda hungry so I get some snacks.

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