The Begining

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"She looks just like her." Albus said. A baby girl was sitting on the floor, crying.

"She doesn't need to be protected." said an unfamiliar voice. The child opened her eyes and looked up. The voice came from a man with greasy black hair and a crooked nose. His black eyes were filled with tears.

"Lily left her with you." Albus told the man.

The man looked down at the child. "She did?" he asked.

"Yes, Severus." answered Albus. Severus then looked at Albus. The child looked down at her feet. The mention of her mother made her feel terrible.

"Mummy's g-gone, isn't she?" She asked. Severus sighed. She looked up at Albus. He picked her up and cradled her.

"I'm afraid so." he answered. She closed her eyes. Her mother was gone and so was her father.

"Severus, will you take her in?" Albus asked Severus. The girl opened her eyes and looked at Severus. He was looking at her.

"Yes." Severus answered. Albus nodded and looked down at the girl. He then, carefully, handed the girl to Severus. Severus looked at the girl as She looked into his black eyes. He looked heartbroken.

"Take care of her." Albus told him. Severus nodded and looked at Albus. "It's late. You should be getting home, Severus." said Albus.

"I agree." Severus answered. Albus nodded and looked at the child.

"Be careful, Renee." he told her. Renee looked at him. She wondered if it was a warning or a simple statement. Severus looked down at Renee. She stopped crying and yawned.

"Now excuse me, Severus. I must meet Hagrid." Albus added. Severus nodded and turned to leave. Renee closed her eyes.

"You should go to sleep." Severus said to Renee. The small child yawned once again. She had tears rolling down her cheeks.

Once they got outside of the castle, the cold hit Renee. She shivered before she could stop herself. Severus looked down at her, obviously noticing. Renee opened her eyes.

Severus looked into her emerald green eyes and saw Lily. Before he knew it he was smiling. He clearly couldn't help it. Renee smiled back at him. Severus felt that he had to take care of the child, for Lily.

Renee closed her eyes once again. Never did she imagine that her parents would die. Or that Severus would tell her stories about how reckless her father was. Or tales about how smart her mother was. Renee never thought she would meet her brother again. But she knew it was for her own good.

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