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Today is the day of Adams and I' first day and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. I'm sweating harder that a sinner in church. I've gone through everything in my closet and I don't know what to wear. Do I wear a dress or shorts, heels or flats. I've never been the girly girl like Sora and Lyric. I need help.

"Lyric can you help me choose an outfit." I asked going to her room.

"sure, so where are you going?" she asked

" First the movies at 8 then ice cream afterwards." I said.

"Aww how romantic." Lyric said while going through my closet.

"Yeah, but I'm nervous. What if I make a fool of myself." I said about to have a panic attack.

"Chill girl. You want to double date so it will be less awkward?" Lyric suggested.

"YES PLEASE!!" I said hugging her making her laugh.

"Ok try this on and show off those sexy legs." Lyric said showing me a black and red sweetheart floral dress that stops mid thigh, black high heel boots, a few black and silver bracelets and a silver cross.

"I love it!" I said spinning around in front of the mirror.

"Glad I could be of service. I'll call Michael and tell him to come pick us up." she said calling Michael and leaving my room to get ready

Wow I have butterflies in my stomach. I so nervous that I could puke. I hope he like it. Thirty minutes later the three of us are on our way to the Silvermoon pack. We arrive there and I knock on the door. A boy about 17 years old answered the door. He seemed surprised that the Princess of the Nightosphere is at his door.

"Your highness. To what do I own the pleasure of your presents." he said bowing down.

"I here so I can go on a date with my mate." I said smiling ear to ear.

" Oh I'll go get Derek, your highness." he said the soon to be Alpha.

"W-wait no he's not." It was too late he already left before I could finish. They never wait.

"Princess Koura, I would be honored to take you out on a date." Derek said bowed. Followed by a little crowd.

"I'm flattered, but I already have a mate. You know Adam Gray, your omega." I said and their eyes widen in surprise and jaws fell to the floor.

"A-are you sure he's your mate princess and not Derek?" the guy who open the door asked.

" Gee, I think I would remember the feeling of kissing my mate and the sparks I felt." I said annoyed at their stubbornness.

"YOU KISSED ADAM GRAY!!?" Everyone at the door screamed surprised.

"Yeah six times. Now can I see MY MATE?!" I yelled the last part at them. I bout to lose my mind up in here.

"Uh he's to busy." Derek said looking back.

"Oh so he's too busy for his mate and his princess?" I said walking into their pack home while they all backed up." I'm sure someone else could take over his duties. Because I know I didn't spend 6 hours getting ready for this date to be stood up. " I finish with my eyes glowing and an evil smile upon face.

"Y-yes p-pp-princess Koura." Derek stuttered.

"Good, now could you go get him and tell him I ready for our date, please." I said with a scary sweet smile. Sitting down on their couch with my legs cross like a little lady. I might be bipolar.

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