I dialed Harry's phone number. "Please let go of me,"I said crying. "Now why would I do that,"the guy said pushing his body against mine. I kicked him in the balls and ran away. I pulled my phone out and Harry was yelling. "Adriana were are you?!,"He asked. "Maple Street.. please hurry Harry please," I said. I ran as far and as fast as my legs could carry me but he still caught me. "Please... please... my boyfriend he'll give you anything you want!,"I yelled. He had a handful of my hair in his hand. He was pulling my hair causing my neck to be stretched out. He was kissing and sucking on my neck. I started crying. He moved his other hand to my neck. "If you move I'll kill you,"he said dragging me towards his house. I tried to stop myself by dragging my feet but it didn't work. He opened the door to the house and dragged me in. He pulled me over to the couch and began to strip my clothes off. He began to undo his belt buckle when I heard the click of a gun. "Let go of her,"I heard a husky voice say. The guy stood up and turned around. I looked around him and there  was Harry. "Hey there's no need for that,"the guy said stepping towards Harry. "Step away from the girl,"Harry said wiggling his gun in the direction he wanted the guy to move. I stood up and ran to Harry and he grabbed my waist even though I was naked. Harry let go of me and grabbed my clothes. He wrapped the blanket he brought around me. Harry made me walk out of the door first. We walked to his car all the guys looking at me all the girls looking at Harry. I got in the car and so did Harry. I put my head against the window. Harry didn't say anything to me the whole ride just unclenched and clenched his jaw. He picked me up bridal style when we got to the hotel and carried me to the elevator. Even when we got off he still carried me but instead of taking me to my room he took me to his. He handed me my clothes when we got inside and told me to get dressed.  I quickly got dressed and walked out of the bathroom to see Harry on the couch head in his hands. "Why," Harry said looking up at me his eyes red. " I was scared and upset I guess," I said. He stood up and walked over to me. He grabbed my hands in his. "We could've worked it out," he said. "Harry when you said that and Niall yelled at me I lost all will to live,"I said. "I can't do this," Harry said running his hands through his hair. "What do you mean!," I yelled. "You know what I mean,"he yelled back. "You always run away from your problems,"he yelled again. "Don't even turn this back on me Harry!,"I yelled. " No I can't turn it back on you cause it was always about you,"He said. "You know this is why I left. I'm not just gonna stand here and have a screaming match with you !!," I said walking out of the door and slammed it. "Always running away from your problems,"Harry yelled then something smashed against the door. I rushed into the room. "Did you just throw that,"I said rage coursing through me when I saw it was the guitar he had bought me. "No it magically got up and threw itself,"he said sarcastically. "Ughh I swear you get on my last nerve,"I yelled throwing the vase I was standing by at him. The sound of it hitting the ground caused the rest of the boys to come running in the room. " I knew you felt that way when i saw the little message on the wall. Also the box of pictures in your room I threw it away,"he said smirking. "You evil ,"I said flinging myself at him but the boys caught me. "What are you gonna do Adriana scratch me,"Harry said pouting. "I gonna rip your heart and throat out,"I said clawing at him. Niall brought me into his arms and hugged me tight. "Niall can't keep me like this forever,"I growled.

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