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Chapter 1 - Phone call

I heard the crowd scream as I entered the hall. As usual, the inside was so crowded and people were almost fighting just to stay in front. “Good to see you here, Jacy.” I hear Maddie say as I got near her.

“Hey Maddie, I see you’re allowed to stay,” I said mockingly and she chuckled as her response. “Of course I won’t miss this.” I winked at her before I walked my way to get a clear view of the stage.

The fans were screaming out the names of each member as the lights which were focused on the stage were turned on. We have this awarding thing and Illusion is performing for the closing again.

Kyle – their rhythm guitarist – started strumming his guitar as he walked further in front of the stage. Not long after, Ryan – their leader, vocalist, and lead guitarist – and Anthony – their bassist – followed after Kyle as Nathan slowly worked on his drums.

When Ryan started to sing, the crowd became silent – including me, even though I really wanted to scream on top of my lungs. Their playing my favourite song of theirs! Who wouldn’t get excited? I sighed and started to sway slowly from side to side, as it was being done by almost everyone in this hall. The song went on and I just can’t stop staring at Kyle, I love his voice.

‘When you move me with your smile, I would crawl a mile, just to see it one more time..’ I stopped swaying when I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. I signalled Maddie that I’ll be out for a while and she responded me with a nod.

“Hello mom?” I greeted as I answered the phone call.

“Hello dear? Where are you right now?” She asked and I heard her cough a little.

“At school mom, why?”

“Well, it’s already late so I was wondering why you still aren’t hiome?” I could hear that she’s worried and slightly mad by the tune of her voice, so I answered her quickly that I’m just packing my things up and that I was about to go home. Sorry for lying.

She asked me to hurry up and I told her that I would. I clicked the end button and rushed to the student council’s room to get my things. I hurriedly went home. I am in trouble, if she ever finds out that I watched Illusion’s performance this night.

School was near and it would only take me 15 minutes if I walked, so I ran. I walked this path every day when I go to school so I know exactly where to turn. My way home was a little bit scary for it was already dark and to make it worse, it was freezing cold – but I still managed to get home in less than 15 minutes.

“I’m home!” I shouted as I entered our front door. Our house wasn’t that big, just enough for the three of us to fit in.

“Dinner’s ready, baby girl!” I heard dad shout as I passed his office and I waved at him, grinning. I walked towards our kitchen and left my dad at his usual place. He was rarely home, and when he’s home, he’s always in his office doing some paper works. I understand that he needs to take care of our company so I didn’t complain to him about anything.

“Welcome home dear.” Mom greeted me as she kissed my cheek. She was already washing the dishes when I got in; obviously they’re already done eating. Mom was about to say something when I cut her off.

“I’m going to eat alone,” I said without having any emotion in my voice. Mom looked a bit worried but I put on a smile and winked at her. “It’s okay mom, it’s not a big deal.” I told her while I put down my bag and sat down in front of the table where dinner –for me – was prepared. Mom smiled at me and walked out the dining area to continue washing the dishes.

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