Friends... With Benefits (#2)

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Friends... With benefits

"Ready or not, here I come!" I yelled out.

Chris and I are playing hide & seek because we were bored as fuck. Yeah, we're 18 but who Cares? He's my closest friend and I decided to sleep over at his house for the night.

I felt my way around the dark house to try to find him.

"Oh my God Chris, where are you?"

I moved the dining room chair out the way and looked under the table, but he wasn't there.

After 7 more minutes of looking I gave up.

"Chris! Come out now, I can't fin-"

I was cut short by a heavy figure tackling me onto the couch.

"You suck at this game. I was just behind the couch." Chris said while laughing.

He was hovered over me as I layed on the couch under him.

I sucked my teeth.

"Well, I'm better than you in everything else."

"Oh really? I bet you're not." He said, still hovered over me.

"Mmhmm" I disagreed. "And I bet I could beat you in 2k14."

"Fuck? You wildn now. Let's play then." He challenged.

"Aight! Watch you lose too." I said while pushing him off.

He set up the game and tossed me the controller.

"Why do I get the remote with out the anolog stick pad?" I whined.

"Because you're so sure you can beat me, right?" He said.

"You got that right."

He picked the Lakers & I picked the Heat.

As we started to play, I realized I was just pressing random buttons.

"Haa, you don't even know how to shoot! You making LeBron look ass." Chris teased.

"Shut up!' I said while shoving his shoulder.

"C'mon, you made me miss my shot." He whined.

"Nigga, you're up by 42 points, I don't think one shot matters." I said.

"Haha, you right!" Chris teased. "Theres no point of even playing anymore. We all no who won." He said with a cheecky smile.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. I let you win." I said while yawning.

"You tired?" He said, referring to my yawn.

"Yeah... Tired of you!" I said while jumping on top of him and started to tickle him.

"I'm not even ticklish" he said while flipping me over.

Now he was on top of me and tickling me.

"Oh my God, Chrisss stopp!" I yelled and laughed at the same time.

"Nope, not until you say "I'm sorry big Papi Chris for thinking I'm better than you."

"Noo!!" I said back.

"Okaay, looks like you want to get tickled for the rest of the night."

"Okay okay! I'm sorry big Papi Chris for thinking that I'm better than youu!" I said rapidly.

"That's what I thought!" He said.

He wad still hovered over me while staring into my eyes.

"Chris you can get off of-"

Before I could finish my sentence, his lips were against mine.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Our lips moved in sync. I opened my mouth so that his tounge could come in. Our tounges swirled with each other as I felt his hands creep up my shirt and unhook my bra. My hand fumbled to his pants and I unzipped them. He lifted off my shirt as I pulled down his pants.

I could tell he was ready for this because he had a full on boner poking through his boxers.

He started to kiss down to my neck which made me moan out his name.

He kissed all the way down to my shorts and pulled them off. Then he went back up and bit the rim of my panties, pulling then down as well.

I pulled down his boxers releasing his member. I was stunned by his size. That was going in me? Oh goodness, R.I.P. to my walls.

He flipped me over so that I was sitting on his chest.

He then glided me up and I was now sitting on his face.

I felt his warn tounge go inside me.

"Chrisss..." I hissed while shuddering.

His tounge continued to thrust in and out of me.

"Ride me." he demanded while slapping my ass. I felt the vibrations from his voice send tingles to every part of my body.

I rode his face as he continued to lick and kiss me.

His hand caressed my ass as I felt myself getting extremely weak.

"Ughh, Chriss..." I called out while Cumming onto him.

He licked it up and slid me down to his waist.

"Lift up bae." He told me.

He grabbed me by my waist and slid into me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he groaned.

"Damn ma.." he groaned as he bounced me up and down on cj.

He was still in me as he flipped me over so that I was on my back.

He started to thrust in and out of me. His swirled his hips in me, hitting my G spot every time.

He continued to thrust as I continued to call out his name.

"Ahh, fuck." I felt his warm cum inside of me. He gave one last good thrust which made me cum as well.

He pulled out then collapsed his sweaty body on to mine.

He looked at me and laughed at my speachless facial expression.

"Round 2?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head yes as I climbed on top of him.


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