Two years passed. Cassandra was now in her 6th grade while Chuck & James were already second year highschool students. The boys were famous in their school because of their unique personality and of course because of their amazing looks.

     Chuck was the captain in his soccer team, an officer in the C.A.T and has a really laid-back, happy-go-lucky personality. He had gray eyes, a chiseled cleft chin, a bit chubby and had the height of 5'7. He rarely made enemies because he rarely gets mad. He was nice to everyone except to Cassandra.

     On the other hand, James was the captain of the basketball team, a black belted in karate, and a dancer as well. He was more of a brooding type of guy. It was always hard to control his temper. It was really just Chuck who got along with him, but unlike Chuck who had gray eyes, he had light brown eyes but he had the same black hair with his bestfriend and since he was into basketball, he had the height of 5'9 which was really weird for Cassandra to walk with him when her height was only 5'4; though he doesn't have many friends, he was also known as a playboy. But somehow on a weird circumstance, he was usually mean to everybody else but he was behaved when it comes to Cassandra.

      Cassandra was walking with Helen, her bestfriend, in the mall when they saw Chuck and James. She ducked inside a bookstore to hide from them. She knew for sure Chuck would annoy her again. Ever since he fount out that she liked him, he has been irritating her for more than 2 years. Unfortunately he saw her.

      "BOO! Anong ginagawa mo jan ah? Taguan ba naman ako." (What are you doing there? And you even dare hide from me) He laughed. In her panic, she handed a card to him that she had accidentally grabbed awhile ago to hide her face from him.  When Chuck read it, he laughed even harder. "Mahal mo talaga ako noh?" (Aww you really love me huh?) Cassy's light brown eyes grew larger in surprise.

     "HOY MR. MONTREY! HATE LETTER PO YAN! Pinaghirapan ko yan buong gabi! Anong sinasabi mo jan!?" (That's a hate letter! I really had a hard time finishing that the whole night! What are you talking about?) her face becoming red from indignation.

     He wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, "Are you sure?" he asked, there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.

     Helen pulled her back "Cassandra, nasa left hand mo yung hate letter mo. Iba yung nabigay mo." (Cassandra, you're hate letter is in your left hand mo. You gave something else)

     Cassy stared at the card, it said: Will you marry me? At that very moment she wished the earth would swallow her alive, to changer her name leave Kuwait & maybe have a plastic surgery so he won't torment her anymore. She numbly handed the hate letter to him. She was so ashamed she couldn't even dare look at him in the eyes anymore.

      When Chuck was done reading it, he only smiled at her. "So sino nagsabi sayo na crush ko si Mara?" (So who told you I have a crush on Mara?) his smile curved into a delicious mischievous way with a hint of irritation from her assumptions. "Si Claire!" (It was Claire!) Cassy replied referring to Chuck's little sister.

     He was amused, "Kaibigan lang naming yun ni James. Let's say kung tama yung information mo, eh ano naman ngayun?" (*She's only a friend of ours. And let's say if your information was right, so what?)

     She cleared her throat, "Isusumbong kita kay Ate Mara kung hindi mo ako titigilan asarin." (I'll tell on you to Ate Mara if you won't stop pissing me off) She tried her best to muster some courage.

     He laughed even more "One ayoko ngang tigilan ka." (First, I don't like to stop annoying you) He ripped the pages off right in-front of her, "Two, hindi ko po siya crush kaya wala ka ng ipang blackmail saakin." (Two, she's not my crush so  you don't have a blackmail for me anymore) His face was close to hers. "Understood Miss Sungit?" (Understood Miss Snob?)

Cassy gulped nervously, "Yes Mr. Chuckie doll, I mean jerk, I mean Chuck." She stuttered.

    Chuck looked at her closely, making her heart jump a thousand times. "Keep saying that, you know... the more you hate, the more you love. Hahaha!" James stirred Chuck away from the girls, "Tama na nga yan dude, inaasar mo nanaman si Cassandra eh. Sige bye Cass at Helen!" (*Okay that's enough dude, your pissing Cassandra again. Okay bye Cass and Helen!)

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