Chapter 9

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Sky's POV

"Hey everyone how ya doing to day!?" said Bart into the microphone. the crowd screamed "let's welcome (all the boys plus mahogany)" Shawn grabs the mic (me and him have gotten very close) "lets also welcome out beautiful amazing friend skyler Johansenen" and the crowd scream "skyler your my inspiration" or "your so beautiful" Shawn handed me the mic "thank you all so much I am so honered to be here" "sky why don't you take some questions" said jack g "ok you in the green and glasses" "are you and hayes dating" the girl said "um no we

Are just friends" "ok um the girl with the black bandana" "how long have you known the guys" asked the girl "umm I've known most of them for about two years but the griers I've known forever" "ok let's get started!" said jack j


Hayes POV

Just friends. just friends. that's what we'll always be I guess because I am such an idiot. We were getting ready to leave the meet and greet when I called skyler "sky can I talk to you" "

"Um yea I guess"

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine I know your only trying to help but remember what happened last time you dated Victoria we pretty much seperated"

"I know but I won't let her get to me this time I promise... best friends?"

"Forever and always" she said

Then she walked away after giving me a hug that felt so nice way better than Victorias. I saw Victoria pull sky over. oh no.


Sky's POV

"Best friends?" hayes asked

"Forever an always" I replied. I hugged him and walked away. I love his hugs so much. Someone grabbed my arm and pulled me over. It was Victoria. her eyes were as dark as can be and he face was flushed (I'm so poetic I know) "what do you want?" I spat "just wanted to know what's going on between you and hayes" she said with a attitude.

"We were just talking... is that to much for you"

"You think your so tough don't you?"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me outside "let's see how tough you are now" she said and threw me into the street an I couldn't catch my balance so I fell back and as I was falling back something hit me with extreme speed. next thing I knew It got all black but I could here everything "SKY SKY SAY SOMETHING" it was hayes then I heard "sky please don't leave me" I t was jules" then I heard ambulance. then everything was turned into nothing.


Hayes' POV (gonna be a short POV)

I heard screaming and big hit I ran out side to see Victoria with a smirk on her face and sky on the floor looking kinda dead. my heart just dropped to the bottom of my chest. I didn't even relize I was cryin then everyone came out "SKY" they all screamed surrounding her I pushed Cameron and jack j. Shawn was crying too he has been pretty much her best friend this whole trip.

"SKY SAY SOMETHING" I screamed "sky please don't leave me" Jules said tucked in Nash's chest who looked like he was about to cry. then the ambulance came and took her to the hospital.

I looked over at Victoria still smirking "why'd you do this?!" I screamed in her face "what are you talking about bby" she said acting stupid and putting her hand on my chest "you know exactly what I'm talking about and don't call me that we are thru!" I spat taking her hand off my chest. "I was just taking out wht nobody wanted... kind of like the garbage she is." "victoria smith?" the police officer that came out of nowhere asked "yea that's me" she said "your under arrest for man slughter" he said sternly "hayes you can't let him take me away" she pleaded "what... he's just taking out the trash" I said and walked away... she might've just killed the person I lived for.


Sky's POV

I woke up in a all white room... I saw my grandfather who died when I was 4

"Poppy?" I said. yea It was my poppy. "Oh hello darling" he said "am I dead" I asked concerned "well no but you have a choice to join me up in heaven or to come back later in time and stay on earth" "i want to go back poppy" "ok but before you go I want you to see what it would be like on earth if you stay with me" "ok"

He brought me to a window. it was a picture of taylor, carter, and Jacob. they were standing in an alley. just siting there all alone they didn't even look up... like they couldn't. "after you left the boys couldn't keep on going to magcon cause everyone just shut each other out" "Taylor was devasted, carter couldn't even look up, and JAcob couldn't sing" poppy said. me an Jacob to sing together all the time. he brought me to another window and I was starting to cry. It was a picture of the jacks.... they worked at McDonalds and looked aged "after you left the couldn't figure out what to do because they both really liked you so they dropped out of college started doing drugs and started to work at McDonalds" he said I was crying now. He brought me to another slide. It was shawn he was in his room with his guitar and staring blankly at the wall of his room. "you were Shawn's best friend you did everything for each other after you left he hasn't been able to write music or sing or even walk sometimes... he loves you like a little sister" poppy explained this time I was full on cry. one more slide pulled up it was my mom crying on the couch her head in her knees. "your sister killed herself thinking it was her fault that you were hit by the car and now your mother was diagnosed with depression, deep deep depression... she would cry herself to sleep every night." now I was balling. "one more my doll it's ok"

The last window showed up. It was of hayes and Nash. "hayes has always likes you and when you were killed he was in with depression again thinking it was all his fault... he barely ate or slept and he's tried suicide once." "and nash he was like your big brother yes? well after you died he blamed himself for your and your sisters death so he also cried himself to sleep and magcon ended that year" I was begging him to stop now "ok darling I will see you whenever I love you... follow the light to get out" I ran out the light and opened my eyes

"Hello?" I said weekly "SKY" it was hayes, Jules and Nash try all crumpled me in a hug "oh my god I'm so happy your ok" they all said I tried sitting up but it hurt to much "sky take it easy you broke 2 ribs and your wrist" Nash said calmly kissing me on the forehead

"Oh your up that's great! we are just gonna take a few test and your ready to go" the nice lady said I think she was my doctor...

*after test*

"Ok your good to go" she said I got up I wasn't as sore as from before

I went out to the lobby and there they were my second family. The magcon family.

"Shawn!" I screamed I loved him so much. "Sky!" he came and kissed me on the cheek knowing what I did to my ribs.

We went back to the hotel.

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