As anticipated, we received a snow day.

Why I expected it to be a nice, relaxing day (excluding the shoveling), I had no idea.  I should have learned by now, right?  No drama free days for Devyn, gosh no.  That definitely wasn’t allowed.  Why did a seventeen-year-old girl deserve some peace in her life?  No, why not constantly make her deal with things she didn’t want to deal with?

So not only did Anika call, complaining about lunch, but Cadence also called, pissed off because I gave her the wrong pages.  Apparently I was lucky that today was a snow day because otherwise she would have passed in the wrong pages and would have failed her homework assignment and therefore would have never gotten married.  I wanted to find her exaggerations hilarious, I really did.  I wanted to go back to that morning where I was listening to Avril Lavigne, when she’d lost her flash drive.  I wanted to go back to the time where I didn’t mind.

But it seemed I was stuck this way. 

By the time two weeks passed, I was mentally done.  If I thought I was mentally worn out before, I was wrong.  Now I was mentally exhausted

And there was still no escape.

“How do I go about getting this drama free day?” I mumbled, my head in my hands as I slouched in my self-proclaimed seat at Adam’s lunch table.  In a meek order to escape drama, I’d officially left the table and started sitting with Adam, Kyle, and Hazel.  They’d welcomed me with open arms, thankfully.  And Kyle was beginning to talk normally around me, so that was a plus.

Adam didn’t answer for a moment.  “What have you tried?” he asked.

I let my hands fall onto the tabletop.  Hazel and Kyle weren’t here yet, due to the long lines.  They’d be here soon, though, and that was when I’d drop the conversation about escaping drama.  I’m sure Hazel and Kyle knew about my need for an escape, but I’d rather keep the conversations between Adam and me.  He seemed to be the only one I could really trust with it.  I hadn’t even really told my mom about my need for a break.  I think she could just see it on my face.

“I’ve tried keeping my phone on silent,” I said softly.  “And I tried keeping it upstairs while I was downstairs, but my brother brought it down for me to answer.  I’ve tried avoiding chatting people online, but they always seem to find me on there anyway.  But I can’t exactly stop going online because I write books and I have people expecting updates.”

“You write books?”  Adam tilted his head to the side, his lips pricking into a small smile.  “I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah.”  I forced on a grin.  “But you can’t read them.  Because my writing probably sucks and you’ll take one glance at it and know it’s not worth publishing.”

Adam made a face at me, and I knew he wanted to disagree with me, but he didn’t press more on the subject.  “Okay, well, I know you don’t want to, but I really think you should take a day to step back from everything.  Turn off the phone and stay off the computer.  That way people won’t be able to contact you.”

“There’s the house phone,” I grumbled.  “Or my front door.”

“True, but unless it’s really important they’re not really going to go through such lengths are they?”  Adam gave my shoulder a comforting squeeze.  “And I doubt that your friends have crises so huge that they’ll actually walk to your house.”

I glanced at Adam’s hand, which had now moved to grab his pizza.  Over the past two weeks he’d been doing that a lot—squeezing my shoulder comfortingly.  And each time it seemed to numb the area he touched.  Part of me wondered if I did like Adam, and another part of me wondered if I was developing a skin condition.  I didn’t know which one I would prefer.  The thought of having a crush on Adam did strange things to my insides, and it terrified me.  Not only that, but I had so much going on right now.  Having a crush just seemed to complicate things.  Then again, having a skin condition was no fun.

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