A Pome To You

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There's people like us and people like you

You play a bunch of sports always get the girl get everything your hearts desires

Yet you don't feel full inside

Some people call you bullies but i think of the word murderer

And why do you not feel full inside because we have one thing you don't

True friendship where they have seen you at your worse

They know the most embaresing thing about you and they still like you for who you are

But you tear apart those friendships and don't feel a shred of guilt and you pick on one person in the friendship

It may not seem big to you just one word a day but all of those people saying all of those nasty things piling up until you push us past the breaking point and we say those 3 words

Goodbye cruel world and that death is partly your fault and you may think that it is funny

But it isn't those cruel things you said aren't funny.

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