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The rest of the night was boring. Well I guess it should be considering we are stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere. I wish I wouldn't have gotten on that stupid plane in the first place.

None of this would have happened.

Harry and I just sat by the fire. He took a couple glances at me but other than that our eyes were fixed on the fire. I looked at him a few times too.

He still had cuts on his shirt and jeans, and his shoes were cut open. His hair is full of sand and dirt just like mine, but even through this entire miss, he still looked pretty hot.

After it felt like a couple hours at the fire, I lie down on the sand and fall asleep. It was pretty peaceful just hearing the sounds of the waves.

I wake up to the sun beaming on me and a little bit of wind blowing. I looked over at where Harry was sitting the night before and he is gone. I scan the beach and he is nowhere to be seen.

Would he just leave me here? He is the one who came back for me in the woods to look for me. He wouldn't leave.....would he?

I stand up and walk over to the shore where the tide tumbles in. I had to get all this dirt and stink off of me sometime.

So I walk farther out into the ocean, the farther I go the higher the water gets on my body. When the warm water is to my waist I take a dive into the water. It felt good to feel the sensation of water through my toes and hands as I swam around. Every now and then I would stand up for a breath, but just after a few seconds I would jump back in.

I couldn't help but have a smile on my face while swimming. After all of this mess, I deserved a little bit of happiness.

After my little swim, I walked back to the bonfire set up. Sand stuck to my feet and water dripping from my nose and hair. At least I was a little clean.

Harry sat on a log with three fish, two coconuts, a spear, and a water bottle that was full of water.

"Where did you go?" I asked him.

"I went and found a stick, and shaped it with a pocket knife that I always have on me to a spear. I used the spear to catch some fish. I realized that we need water so I went looking for something I could put water in. I found the water bottle almost buried in the sand. It was pretty lucky. I also found a coconut tree and got us two of them, but we can always go back if we need more." He explained pointing at each of the objects.

Even though Harry is rude and a jerk, I was impressed.

"Ok, sounds complicating," I giggled. He stared out into the ocean taking a deep breath. I guess he isn't ready to laugh yet. I stood there in my soaking wet clothes.

"Yaw," he whispers. He handed me a coconut and the water bottle full of water.

I took a sip of the water. It tasted so refreshing, so good on my tongue. I took another big gulp of the water and handed it back to him. He also took a drink of the water and then set it down.

Harry made another fire and put the fish on a stick. He cooked them over the fire. He also did something else to them, but I don't fish so I have no clue what he was doing.

I took a bite into the fish. It was really good. It felt amazing to actually have a meal. Before I knew it I was finished with the fish. Harry was too, he said we could split the last one. That is exactly what we did too.

Harry wasn't being his normal self like yesterday. He actually was being pretty nice. Maybe this adventure shall I call it will change him. Or already did.

I decided that I would save my coconut for later. I was full and I didn't want to waste the coconut not knowing what other food sources we would have.

After we were done eating Harry said that we needed to make a shelter. That sleeping on the sand when it can easily start to rain wasn't or a predator could come and attack wasn't a very good idea.

We went through the woods and gathered anything we could find. Palm branches, sticks, stones, and some tough wood.

We decided to build it leaning against a tree at the entrance of the woods. We built it in less than an hour. The wood we made to stand into an upside down v-shape. The palm tree branches went around and under the branches. We places sticks and stones at the corners of the fort to make sure it wouldn't fall.

It was the perfect place to sleep. Harry and I could both fit into it giving both of us enough room which was definitely needed.

I got to see Harry carry the big pieces of wood to make our fort. He looked so hot not to be weird or anything. He was sweating and his muscles popped out, it was the perfect view.

When dinner came I had my coconut. I'm sure Harry and I would need to go back to get more coconuts and water. Harry had went back to get more fish and we had that for dinner too.

So far our survival has been going good. I just needed something more to do, it was getting boring.

I needed something to do besides try and look for ways to survive.

I decided that I should probably keep track of how long we would be here.

"Can I have your pocket knife just for a second?" I asked Harry. He looked at me like a was crazy at first, but he handed it over.

I grabbed it and ran to a tree that was pretty large. I carves two small lines going up and down.

There is said to myself.

I went back to where Harry was, but he wasn't there. He left again.

Just then did I notice movement at the shore. I walked over to him. A big "SOS" was on the sand made from stones.

"Save our soul," I said aloud. Harry was crouched over it staring at it.

"Yeah," he said. Harry was definitely the moody type. Going from angry, to calm, to sad. I get that he wanted to leave though. I didn't want to be in this terrible situation either.

We could die out here.

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