Chapter 4

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" are things with you and Niall?" Lauren asked. “Ohhh, you know same old…” I said shyly. I was also sad thinking about what I saw at the party. “MARIANA!( She only calls me that when I’m in trouble)  C’mon! I TOLD U TO DROP HINTS WHEN I LEFT! Did I not?” she said. “You did…”, I answered. “Then why didn’t you?” she said. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t... I feel like if I do that he’s going to get weirded out and not be friends with me anymore. I don’t want to lose him, Lauren…HELP ME PLLEAASSSE!” I said sounding desperate and laughing. ”Uggghh, do I have to do everything myself?” she complained. “Ok, but there’s something wrong, tell me.”  Lauren, finally, noticed I was sad and asked what was wrong. “Well, before you showed up at the party I saw Niall with…” I didn’t want to finish the sentence.

 “With who! Don’t tell me it was…” probably knowing the answer, she didn’t finish the sentence. “Yeah, Kaylee…” I said. “Omg that bitch, she would do that! Well this is bullshit I’m going to fix this.” Lauren said. I smiled, I was happy that she was going to fix this because I really liked Niall and Kaylee would try to ruin anything for me.

“I’m going talk to him tomorrow ok’ love you, and I’m going home, I’m exhausted. Bye, g’night.” She says getting off the chair. “Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow and you’re going to tell me what you’re going to say to him before you talk to him. Say one wrong word from your mouth and you’ll make a big mess of everything! OK! “I said following her out the door. I’m tired too so I go upstairs and change into my pj’s.

I go past Niall’s room and his door is shut. I wonder if he knows that I’m kind of mad at him…whatever, I’m going to sleep. I start getting in bed and I hear someone knock on my door. It’s probably Niall. I say “Come in.” He comes in and sits on my bed.

“Hey, where did u go after Christian left?” he asked me. “I went to talk to someone.” I said fast. I wasn’t in the mood for talking with him so I told him that I was tired and that I wanted to go to sleep.  He said goodnight and he left the room.

I hope when Lauren talks to him that nothing happens. I really want to stay friends with him I just think that Kaylee wants to ruin that, and she could do it really fast, trust me I know. She tells one person something that the other person said about them and then those two people stop talking like the next week.

Lauren texted me and told me all the things that she’s gonna say to Niall. I read all the ideas and I thought they were fine. She already told Niall about it, she invited him to a coffee shop 2 blocks down. I told her not to make ANY moves. Because she once like Niall too but that was in like 4th grade so I’m fine.


Mariana and Niall would be the cutest couple! I love them both, but together they are adorable. I’m going to talk him into asking her out because I think he likes her too, but I’m not sure yet so I have to find a way for him to tell me.

I texted Niall and told him to meet me at the coffee shop in 20 minutes. He said ok, and asked me if Mariana knew anything about this. I told him OF COURSE NOT! I’m not going to tell him the truth, at least not about this.

So I get dressed pretty and I meet him there. I sit down at the window seat so he could see me when he enters. About 5 minutes later he comes in and says hi and sits down. I have to talk with you”, I say. He looks nervous. Oh, if only he knew the shit he is in now.

 “So, just relax and let me talk and tell me the truth.”, I say. Now he looks like he might shit himself.

“Niall, its ok, don’t be nervous, you’re not in that much trouble.” I said laughing. He starts looking half relieved. “Ha-ha, just kidding! You’re in a butt load of trouble”, I laugh.

 He has the worried face again! I break into a fit of laughter, his face is priceless. But he looks really confused so I just stopped “tormenting him”. “Ok, no more bullshit.” I said. “What?” he said. “What the fuck were you doing with Kaylee at the party?” I stared raising my voice. “What?! Who is that?” he said. “The bimbo you were taking to at the party last night! You TWAT! I mean honestly. Why!” I ask him.

“Ohhh, her! Yeah why can’t I talk to her?” he says back. Ha! As if you don’t know!” I spit at him. I had to be all bitchy for him to tell me the truth because if I was all nice he would start joking around. “ I will say this one time! DO NOT LIE TO ME!!” I say louder.

Do you want to order some food? I ask him, changing the subject. Why am I asking him that! That kid is always hungry. So I got up and got into line with Niall trailing behind me. I order a chocolate chip muffin and my vanilla latte.

He ordered probably the whole menu. As I’m handing the cashier the money and he says “Hey! Lauren, I got thiiss!” putting his hand in front of me. I say no strictly and pay my drink and before I leave I tell him meet me at the house, and not be later than 10 minutes or he’s gonna be in more trouble.

I get home and Niall isn’t here yet…omg where is he!! He better be here soon I really have to talk to him before Mariana and Mikayla get back…


Lauren is acting a lot different than usual. I’m kind of freaking out right now. After I offer to pay for her coffee, she says no. No girl says no to that, so clearly she’s mad at me. After I paid for my drink, she told me to go back to the house in 10 minutes.

She just walked to her car all sassy and drove off. Leaving me here behind, kind of confused. Well, I better get home fast cause if I don’t she will kill me. She looked pretty pissed enough to do so. So I get in the car and start driving home. But of course with the luck I have I am getting stopped at every red light imaginable.

 “Fuck”, I yelled. “Omg, Lauren’s gonna kill me!! SSSHHIITTT” I said frustrated. Finally the light turns green, and thank God I’m right around the corner. I finally get home, aaannnddd I’m late. Great, I though. So I get out of the car really fast, lock it and run into the house. I see her standing there, fuming. Shit, I’m in trouble.

“I’m sorry Lauren, there was traffic!” I complained, hoping that she takes the excuse. “Then how did I get here so fast?” she said. Nope, she didn’t take the excuse. She’s still standing there, and she says, “The conversation we were having is not over. Sit down.” I really don’t want to talk about this. But I have to. “Ok”, I choke down. 

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