Louis' POV:

I woke up at 5 am . I was shocked to see the doors were locked, the guys on floor , it was still dark . I walked upstairs to check on Aisley . She was sound asleep . I walked down the hall to my room and surprisingly , Eleanor was there . Why is she here ? I thought she wasn't coming back until I called her ? Wait a minute. Aisley told me Eleanor was coming back . But I didn't think last night . Okay . Yay ! She's back ! I missed her so much ! I walked to the bed and got in it . As soon as I got in it, she immediately woke up.

"Louis ? Is that you ?"

"Yes babe ! I missed you !"

"Missed you too . Don't ever leave me again ! Those were the longest days of my life !"

"I know love. I know."

"Well we both need some sleep . You have a concert today . I am going to take Aisley shopping while your at rehearsal . Then Aisley and I going to meet with Management after shopping ."

"So we won't see each other really ?"

"No hun . We won't ."

"This sucks !"

"I know."

"Well let's get back to sleep."

We fell asleep until 11.

Time to get Hayley .

Aisley's POV:

yay ! Hayley is coming ! Ive been up since like 8 in the morning . I've been like really hyper .She's flying in from Louis' private jet . I am straving ! Like seriously ! STRAVING ! LORD I NEED FOOD ! LETS GO WALK IN LOUIS' ROOM . YES I KNOW IM YELLING IN MY HEAD . Let's stop with that . I walked down the hall into Louis' room .

"Louis ! I AM STARVING !"

"Love , Louis' getting ready to go get your friend. Do you want me to come down and cook ?"

"No . It's okay. I can make something."

"No. No. I insist."

"Okay. Thank you Eleanor."

"Welcome love. I'll be down in 5."

"Okay. Thanks."


I went downstairs to a hungry Niall , a sleeping Zayn , a sleepy Harry , and a cleaning Liam. I sat down at the island on the bar stool , waiting for Eleanor . Niall came up to me .

"Aisley ! Make me breakfast !"

"No way . You cook your own food . Eleanor's making me some food ."

"Oh. Shes making me food too !"

At that moment Niall ran upstairs.

Niall's POV :

I ran upstairs into Louis' room.

"Hey Eleanor ! Can you make me food too !" I shouted as I was walking in . She was changing here clothes.


"Oh My gosh ! I am so sorry ! Can you still make me food ?"

"I don't know ! Get out !"


I ran downstairs into the kitchen.

"Is she making you food ?" Aisley asked .

"I don't know. I doubt it." I told her

"I heard what happened . She was changing wasn't she ?"

"Yup ."

"Oh wow . Your so stupid. you didn't knock ?"


"Dang. Knock knock knock."

"Stop it Aisley."

"No ."




"And aaa no."

"Stop !"

"Uh let me think . NO"

"YES !"

"NO ."

Aisley got up in my face . I ended up leaving the room and into the guest bedroom which is in the basement. I turned the TV on and zoned out. Thats when I knew I was going to get yelled at .

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