Chapter 1 ~ Something Great ~

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(Location -Dani's Mansion)

My wrist moves fast as I jot down the ideas in my story. I look up and take in the warmth the sun gives, as I sit on my balcony.

"Dani? Are you going to get out lattes soon?" I hear my mother call. I sigh and sit my pencil down.

"Yes, mother." I say as I turn around in my chair.

"Good. And while you're out there, meet a decent guy, eh." She smiles. I sigh.

"Not this again." I grumble.

"Dani, you're at the age where you should start dating. You don't want to grow old, lonely." She chuckles, pinching my cheek slightly. "Plus, I would love grandchildren in the future."

"And I would love a master degree in a Veterinarian in the future." She sighs.

"Sweetie, we just want you to live a great and happy life with someone. Someone decent."

"Why does he has to be 'decent'?"

"You know the answer to that, Dani. We don't want a ratchet or crazy guy dating our angel." She pauses. "Now, get dressed and get our lattes." She smiles. "Also, find something casual to wear tonight."

"What's tonight?"

"Your farther was invited to a dinner with the Dickersons. He wants us all to be there. He also requested for their son, Edward, to be there. He believes he's the one for you, but I totally disagree." She says, ending her voice in a hushed tone. "If you need me when you get back, I'll be getting a pedicure for tonight." She smiles, leaving my room.

"Great." I grumble, dragging myself to my dresser.


I bob my head slightly as I take in the rhythm of my music in my ears. I'm surprised to say my mother finally let me leave the house 'alone'. Usually, I'll have bodyguards all over my back, watching my every move. I hope something special happens today. I guess this may be the only 'free' time I'll ever get. I smile, looking at the tall buildings as I make my way down the sidewalk. I was so caught up in my thoughts, not paying attention, I accidentally bump into someone.

"I'm so-." I pause after looking up at the figure in front of me. Oh my Prince Charming. There stood, the most handsome, charming guy I've ever seen. My eyes wander his figure. His green orbs, shined as perfectly as diamonds on a young girl's necklace during Ball Night. His brown, curly, messy hair, falls perfectly above his face. The colorful ink, fulfilling his soft, pale skin. The decorations on his lip and eyebrow added a dangerous, charming look. His style of clothing, white t-shirt, black trousers, and a pair of half beaten boots. The nice fitting coat added a somewhat decent look to his figure.

"I'm sorry." His deep and humble voice cuts me from my day dream.

"N-No, it's fine. It was my fault, basically." I mumble shyly. He smiles lightly.

"May I just say, you're very very beautiful." I blush deeply.

"Why thank you." I say quietly.

"By the way, the name's Harry. Harry Edward Styles." He smiles, holding out his hand. I take his hand into mine.

"Dani. Dani Marie Richardson." I smile.

"Wait. You're the Richardson's daughter. The family that owns the wealthiest clothing line in England." I laugh lightly.

"That's me."

"Wow. I've never thought I would actually meet you in person. I've watch you on the Telly, waving your hand to the crowd as you make your way down the golden roads." He smiles as his eyes locks with mine. I grin, my hand still locked with his. My heart begins to beat faster as we stare into each other's eyes for a moment. "I have to see you again. Can I have your number, so we can stay in touch?"

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