Ciel x reader: nothing but a smile

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TW: mentions of rape
Poor and in search of food, you stumbled upon a small archaic looking manor.

"They must have dozens of rolls here!" you happily thought to yourself. Thinking with your stomach instead of your mind, you quickly began to climb the manor.

"Ugh! this seems like it'll never end!" you yelled, although to no one in particular.

"Then maybe you should start heading down?" said a voice coming from behind you,startling you.

You turned around, to face a nonchalant Ciel. "Ciel!" you cried to you friend since kindergarten.

"Ciel, help me steal some rolls from this rich house!" you cried,happily jumping down from the manor.

"This is my rich house." he declared angrily.

"Yeah right! You're a Phantomhive! The Phantomhive right here." You gasped out loud, realizing that this indeed was the Phantomhive manor.

"Ciel! It's not what you think!" you tried to justify your actions although it was in vain. His butler, Sebastian, still seized you by the arm.

Did he not remember your past? How your father was killed, how you and your mother were abducted and raped by some gang whom your father owed money to? Once you broke free of the damned gang house, you began fending for yourself .

"Ciel! Don't you remember!" you protested, trying to get some sympathy from your former best friend.


As punishment, you worked as a maid for many months, often being mistreated by your fellow coworkers when they found out about your lowly origins. You were often tripped, beaten, or something would mysteriously go terribly wrong when you would try to serve Ciel's needs. Often times, Sebastian would notice your mistreatment, but he would do nothing about it.

Today you had taken a heavy beating from a group of servants because your past was not as elegant as theirs.You searched all through the house trying to find makeup to conceal the ugly bruises before appearing before Ciel. You found some in Ciel's room and started to apply it to your purple and blue face.

"Trying to steal from my manor again, I see." Ciel said standing over you, a grim look on his face. He grabbed your wrist and you winced holding back tears.

Unfortunately, Ciel noticed your distress. "What's your problem?"

In your months of working at this manor you had never seen Ciel smile or show the least bit of emotion to anyone except Sebastian.

"N-nothing!" you exclaimed, noticing your sleeve was falling. You hastily pulled it up, only to have Ciel snatch it back down.

"What the hell is this?" he asked.

"N-nothing I just-"

He cut you off "You better not lie to me [y/n]"
he knew your name but how? He never called you by your name, let alone asked what it was? Did he remember you now?

"Every since you had me working at this stupid manor your stupid servants have been traumatizing me because I'm...." you stopped. Ciel knew what you were, a lower class, a slave, an abomination. He sighed you were just like him with a different past. Ciel began stripping your clothes off and kissing the scars on your body.

"C-Ciel?" you questioned him, he shushed you by kissing your lips.

You were a bit confused as to why he was exploring your body with this lips but you didn't mind it felt good. You closed your eyes, hoping it was a dream,

But when you opened them, Ciel was wearing nothing but a smile!

"Alrighty kids that's enough for today!" You smiled, putting each of you and Ciel's children in their bed and tucking them in.

"Did you really have to tell them about me kissing you all over." Ciel said blushing from embarrassment. He walked with you out of the room and into the bedroom you two shared.

"I may have gotten a little bit carried away in the memory."

The young male smiled it was a nice memory indeed!

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