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“Hey babe.”I feel someone kiss my neck before seating down next to me.

I turn to Jace with a raised eyebrow. “Babe?”I question.

“Yeah,what’s wrong with it?”

“Huh,I don’t know it just sounds weird.”I shrug.

“Should I call you darling,honey,sweetheart...”Jace nudges me wriggling his eyebrows. “Beautiful.”

“Beautiful?!Why?”I shrink.

Jace stop nudging me all trace of humor faded from his face. “Because you are beautiful.”He says sternly.

I smile crookedly. “Is that a compliment I hear.”I joke.I always felt uncomfortable when I received compliments.

“You are hallucinating.”He smirks throwing his arm around me.

“I thought so.”

“Why can’t we compliment each other like normal couples.”Jace wondered out loud.

“Because we aren’t like any other couple.We are Jace and A,we fight but love at the same time.”

I feel his stare on me before he kisses my head. “I like that definition of us.”

“I do too.”

“Oooh,PDA alert!”We hear Noah shout.We turn around to see him walking with Zach towards our table.We were outside seated on top of the garden table.

“I think I’m going blind Zach,help!”Noah exaggerates the motion of cringing.

I roll my eyes at him as Zach slap him upside the head.

Jace and I chuckle at the murderous glare Noah sent Zach after that.

The boys seat down and we all start talking about the soccer season that is about to start.All of them were in the soccer team so they were extremely pump up about this first  game.

“We are going to destroy North West High this year.”Zach says.

Noah starts chuckling slowly to himself before letting out a loud laugh.We all stare at him weirdly.

“Oh,I’m sorry,I just notice how Kim and Kanye name their kid North West,like it’s a freaking direction.Oh and this school is name North West.”He laughs.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”Jace shakes his head chuckling lowing about Noah’s stupidity.

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