A Beautiful Rose

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Boom! Boom!

The lightning lit up my dark and somewhat scary looking room. I watched as the rain poured down pounding against my window. For some apparent reason, it seemed to calm me. The sound of rain relaxed me and took away all the stress.

I turn my head sideways looking over at my nightstand. Ontop of it sat a picture of me and my beautiful mother at the beach. Her name was Alice Elise Brown. She was a 5"6 woman with the beauty of an angel and the body of a goddess, straight and long hair that stopped right above her back, and breath-taking brown eyes that would change with the seasons. I was a mirror image of her, except i was 5"4 , my hair was a little longer than hers and my hips were way wider than her hips.

I turn my head back to the front and memories of her flood my mind.

"You're so beautiful to me babygirl," she said over to me from across the table. We were having breakfast at a restaurant in Hawaii -- we were on vacation.

At the sound of the words, I hold my head down not wanting her to see how hard I was blushing. Who knew your own mom could make you blush harder than your own boyfriend?? "Awe momma, dont you think I know? You tell me everyday."

She gave me that loving smile I loved so much before saying, "And I'm gonna continue to tell you that for the rest of our lives because it's true and I love you sweetie"

"I love you too momma." We both smile at each other and continue eating and laughing about some past things that has happened.

A handsome and tall white man that looked to be in his early 30s , with blonde curly hair walked up to our table and introduced himself. "Hi ladies, my name is Brad," directing it more to my mom. "I have a table right over there," pointing to a table across the restaurant where 3 other guys sat. "I couldnt help but to notice how breath-taking you are!" motioning to my mother who was now smiling the hardest she had all morning. "I was wondering if we could exchange numbers and maybe go out sometime. If thats ok with you.

Momma took out a small card that had her number on it & handed it to him. She always kept cards with her in case of situations like this. "Its definitely ok with me," she said with a smirk.

They exchanged looks for a few seconds before he said goodbye to both of us and walked off.

"OMG Momma, you two are totally into each other! I can see that you like him"

"Yes! He's so handsome. I think I died and went to Heaven when I looked into his charming blue eyes."

"Momma what if you two start dating?? And have a baby!! He or she would be sooo pretty! This -"

She cuts me off, "Woah, you're moving too fast. I just met him not even a minute ago and you're already talking about dating and babies. Lets just stick to the basics, which is just hanging out first and we'll see how it goes. After all, I do need to get over your father"

"Mom-" I start to say but was cut off again.

"Rose, don't start today okay? You and I both know what happened; he does NOT deserve me!"

Almost a year before, Mom had caught him cheating on her with a 20-year old girl. I forgave Dad because I know he loves Momma really much and was trying to patch things up with her but because she's so strong-minded, she never gave in. No child wants their parents to split up because then you have to be put in between everything!

"Eat your food dear before it gets cold," she said gesturing to my half eaten waffle, eggs & bacon. I look at the food not really having an appetite after that.


I try to push the sight of her face out of my mind before the tears come up. It really didnt help much because I couldn't forget her beautiful, rounded face and the tears did come. I cried for like a half hour, not knowing that it was now 2:45 in the morning. Times like this was when I needed someone to talk to, so I decided to call my boyfriend Luther. Luther was just a year older than me, 17, 5"7, with brown curly hair -- btw he was white. (yes, we were an interracial couple)

The phone five times. He answers in his sleepy voice. "Rose? Do you know what time it is?"

"L-luther, I-I really need you right now," I say trying to fight back through my tears.

"Babe, do you know what time it is? Its almost 3 in the morning! Whats wrong?"

"Luther its about my mom. I-I cant stop thinking about her! I need you, please."

"Rose, listen. Its been almost a year since your mom died, you have to learn to get over it. She's not coming back. Stop crying and go to sleep sweetie."

I couldn't believe what I had just heard.. I laid there in total disbelief. How could my boyfriend, the one that's suppose to ALWAYS be there for me, say something like that.

*CLICK* I hang the phone up and lay back down crying harder than I was before.


*CLICK* I look at the phone and see that she has hung the phone up on me.

"Lay back down baby," demands the beautiful petite figure beside me.

I lay down behind her, put my arms around her waist and kiss her neck before laying m head down and thinking of my girlfriend. I dont know why I was doing this to Rose. I love her, I really do but I was tired of all her problems. We'd only had sex once since her mom died and I had to beg her all night. What boyfriend has to beg his girlfriend, HIS LOVER, to have sex with him? But with this girl laying with me, Adrian, I never had to ask. She knew how to satisfy me.

My thoughts end and I finally doze off back to sleep.

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