Back Home, the Disaster

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Sky actually missed the squid. The squid always interrupted his mod showcase videos, and made Sky look like an idiot, but with the experience of Herobrine's growing army, with mutant squid, Sky was happy to be home. His budder armor was damaged, but shiny. He broke his budder sword, and lost his amulet. Herobrine nearly possessed him, and Sky choked for his life not to be under Herobrine's control. But Sky was happy, and ran to the Sky hove. When he got there, he ran to the lake. The first squid he found he grabbed and kissed. "Hey, dude, stop it. This is weird. Hey, hey, hey." The squid said. "What is that up there?" Sky looked up. He saw a ball of fire hurtling towards Minecraftia. A meteor had entered the atmosphere! "JASON!!!! A METEOR IS COMING TO EARTH!" He cried. "And I'm startled!" He dropped the derpy squid, who swam off and despawned, then ran inside. Moments later there was an explosion followed by the sound of dying squid. "You deserve it!" He shouted from under the table at the squid. "Shut up!" the squid cried. Then, the floor underneath the table Sky was hiding under, collapsed, swallowing Sky and the table.

Over at Punkin's home, not much was different. She saw the same meteor, and ran for cover. Rayquaza was trotting in circles. But when Punkin least expected it, the POKEMON Rayquaza shot out of the ground, and hurtled towards the rock. He smashed into it, head on. The meteor burst into millions of pieces, and anything they touched was lit a blaze. Raquaza crashed into the rock too hard. he had crashed and threw up a clout of dust three miles away.

Lily also saw this, and being five minutes away, pushed her way through the forest, unable to see due to the dust. She found the unconscious Pokémon, and had Hannah and Rapidash help drag him to Lily's home. He had a huge bump on his head. Minutes later, Rayquaza was awake and frightened. He flew into the ozone in the atmosphere.

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