Chapter 3

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Olivia stood there smiling watching the girls get on the bus. She felt so bad for Brooklyn,but she felt like a mother figure to her. She even said 'I love you' even after just  few times of meeting.

She just couldn't. Wouldn't. Let something happen to this girl. She still was part an SVU detective and will always be.

She walked in her classroom and threw Brooklyn a wink and smile. Brooklyn returned it. Olivia knew she had to something for the girl. All right now she can do was provide a safe happy place to come too. She quickly looked up her address to take a visit to Mom and Dad tonight.

She stood up looked around her classroom at all the little innocent faces then proceeded to teach the lesson. She made a decision that she knew was not a very good one,but would pay off in the end. She would have to lie. And be convincing. She would have to hurt a little. Other people and herself. She would have to bend her rules. For school and Witness Protection. But all for a good cause. To save three innocent children.

She finished the lesson and turned to the class."Okay so tomorrow, I'm not going to stand up here and teach, your parents are. Tomorrow is Ms. Peterson's first annual 'Career Day'. Sound fun?" Lie number one.

The whole class yelled and cheered. Maybe she could meet Brooklyn's parents. She was lost in her thoughts she almost missed Joe yell out, "How many parents can we bring in?"

"As many as you would like" Olivia said smiling ear to ear.

She brought the kids down to Gym after lunch,while she ate her lunch in the teacher lounge. She was trying to just relax but long and behold and red headed figure walked in.

"44015" Caroline said directly to Olivia.

"Excuse me?" Olivia said knowing that she just said her badge number.

"No,it's okay. FBI shield 51906. I'm UC. That's where I know you from. Your secrets safe with me." Caroline confessed.

"Prove it" Olivia said should suspiciously.

"George Huang, 2317616, worked with y'all for bit down at the prescient. Elliot Stabler, Donald Cragan, Nick Amaro,we actually dated for a bit when his wife was down in DC with Zara. Anything else?"

Olivia was shocked. She New Elliott and Nick. Even her 'dad'. "Yea,who you watch'n"

"A guy named Jesse Otal. You know him?" Caroline asked.

"No,why you watching him" She lied for a second time.

"Dealing and the charges of murdering  his wife  that he got out of" Caroline said. She sounded like she knew he murdered her.

"Oh wow. Ok 's Caroline?" Olivia said asking for a last name.

"Kennedy. Caroline Kennedy." Caroline said as she shook Olivia's hand.

"Ok then, I'll lay low. And hope you do the same." Lie number 3. Olivia said as she left the room.

Olivia went home and waited for the bus. She made a quick dinner then layed out a sparkly blue sports bra and gray nikey pros and a black sparkly bow drove for cheer. Olivia knew Riley was going to be 2 hours at practice,she had also talked to the coach and asked her to drive her home if she wasn't there because her sister was having a baby. Lie number 4.She got in her car and drove to the Otal's. She drove up and grabbed a book she took from Brooklyn's desk and walked to the front door.

A tall,threatening looking man with a tattoo around his whole arm answered the door.

"Hello" He said showing his meth teeth.

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