Chapter 18 - Last Day

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*unedited chapter ( sorry!)

Chapter 18

Finals are finally done!!!!

And yes, today's the last day of school. Thank God!

I'm on my way to school with mom and she's going to drop me in school and she'll go ahead to work. I was listening to my iPod while mom was driving so there was an awkward silence between us.

"Hey mom." I broke the silence

"Yes Seth?" She asked

I took my earphones out and said "Kath and I were planning to go to Hong Kong this summer"

"What?!" She shouted

"Please tell me I can go with her mom!!! Please???" I pleaded

"You know we can't afford to buy a ticket to Hong Kong!" She shouted

"No mom, wait. Don't be mad. Katherine told me her parents will pay for our tickets and hotel rooms" I explained

"Hmmm...are you sure about that?"

"Yes" i answered

"What if you'll get lost?" She asked

"Come on, I'm not a kid anymore mom!"

"Well, if that's the case...okay."

"Hell yeah!!! Thanks mom you're the best!" I shouted

"Sure, but don't forget to call me when you're there okay?"

"Okay" i answered

and then I looked out of the car's window and we've already arrived in school.

"Bye mom, see you later. Thanks a lot!"

"Sure. Bye son, take care"


I went inside the school and went to my locker to clean my things.

"Hey there Seth!" Someone called from behind.

I looked back and it was Katherine

"Hey Kath!"

"So, are you coming with me to Hong Kong this summer?" She asked

"Yes!!!!" I answered happily

"OH MY GOODY! YEEEEY!!!" She jumped and gave me a hug.

"I know, right?" I said

"That's great! Omg I can't wait"

"Me too" I answered

*bell rings*

"Okay , I need to go now. Bye Seth!"

"Oh, bye Kath"

Then she ran away.


I went to my first class which is History and our teacher gave us back our test papers and I got a B! Thank God!

"Okay class, seems like all of you have passed the finals for History so that's a great way to end this school year. I hope to see you all next school year and may you all enjoy your summer break" Prof. Mike said.

Hell yeah, i'm sure as hell i'm going to enjoy my summer.

In Hong Kong


I'm the luckiest man on earth.

After history, I went to my next class which is Math.

When I recieved my test paper I got a C- well, i tried my best. I guess math doesn't love me. Nah joke, I really dont like math.


After I attended all my classes today, i realized that I passed all the tests that was given and i'm contented with that.

It was finally the last day of school so after I cleaned all my things in my locker, i'm walking on my way to the canteen to wait for Katherine. As i passed in the guidance office, i saw Kath's inside. So I knocked the door and Miss Kate asked "Yes, Mr. Seth?"

"Umm, Good afternoon Ma'am. I'm so sorry if I interrupted you and Kath. I wanted to tell Kath i'm going to wait for her outside" I explained

"Well, Kath?"

"Okay, just pls. wait for me" kath replied

"Okay, thank you ma'am and I'm sorry."

"It's okay" she replied

Then i sat down on the bench outside

After a few minutes, Kath went out

"Heeey" I said


"So, what were you talking about?" I asked

"Nothing" she replied

"Okay? Sorry but I have noticed that you're always at the guidance office. May I know why?"

"Ma'am Kate needed my help, so I told her to call me anytime if she needs my help" she answered


"What? I'm telling you the truth"

"I didn't say that you're lying" i replied

"Whatever, let's just go home"

"Wow, harsh. Okay then"

We walked to her house and when we arrived there, the door is locked.

"Is your mom there?" I asked

"The door's locked so maybe she's still at work" she replied

"So do you have the key?" I asked

"No, but I guess it's under the carpet" she replied

She took the carpet and yes, the keys were there.

"Told you!" She shouted

"Awesome" i replied

She opened the door and we went inside.

"So, it's finally summer" she said

"I know right? Finally. What are your plans now?" I asked

"Go to the mall?"

"what are we going to do there? we just arrived here"

"we're going shopping" she said and winked at me.


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