Chapter 1

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"Today's the day," I thought to myself as I got out of my bed. To be honest I was a nervous wreck, it has been so long since I have seen every one. That's what I get for going away I guess. I walked to my closet to find something appropriate to wear seeing as how I was going to be on Kame Island with Master Roshi. I decided to just put on my black crop-top cami, some shorts, and my grey sweat shirt. I then looked at my hair, and boy I wish I didn't. It looked like I got hit by a car, then rubbed a balloon on my hair. I (painfully) brushed out all the knots then pulled my straight fire red hair in a high ponytail and watching as my side bangs fall to the right of my face, covering my aqua blue eye. I pulled on my black Toms, then walked to the bathroom to change and brush my teeth. 

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple to munch on before I left. I looked around my little house and sighed. When I was done with my apple I threw it away and walked out the door to go outside. It was a nice day, the sun shining, clouds as fluffy as ever, and a nice breeze. My heart was still pounding as I walked further in to the forest thinking about today. I mean I may be loud but I'm really shy especially since I haven't seen everyone in god knows how long. Eventually I got the courage to jump up and fly high in the sky. It has been a while since I have last flown and it felt nice to have the wind blow past me. After a while of flying I was able to look down and find that I am right above Kame House. "Okay Lexus, it's fine just fly down there and greet every one that is why we are having this get together right." I said to myself, I was shaking and my palms were sweating. "Come on god Lexus."I said then flew down and landed on the golden sand. Nobody was outside. "Hello?"I said then no later did I see a head with bright blue hair peek out the door. "Huh. (Gasp) LEXUS!!!" I heard her say then she ran and hugged me, hard. "Hi Bulma, nice to see you too but it would be great to breath you know,"I said and she let go and smiled big. "Lexus, you look amazing!" She exclaimed as she was looking at me. 

"Thanks, I guess. Where is everyone else?"I asked looking around. 
"Well Krillin and Master Roshi are in the house stuffing their faces, and Goku has yet to come."

"Is Chi Chi coming too?" 

"No of course not, she woundn't come here even if her life depended on it. Her and Master Roshi don't get along very well." She said I nodded my head with a small smile.

"Wait right here, I have something for you," She said and she walked back into the house.

Right after she left Goku landed with a little boy in his arms. "Hi!" He said in his cheerful voice. "Hey Go," I said quietly with a big smile on my face, hoping he wouldn't hear my heart pounding.

"Woah Lex is that you? You look different! Not in the bad way of course," He said . I looked down at myself then back up. "That's what happeneds when you get older right?" I giggle and chuckled a little.

Master Roshi and Krillin ran out of the house and greeted Goku and I. "Hey haven't seen you two in what 5 years. That's way to long you guys." Krillin said and gave us a hard look but soft, happy eyes then looked at the boy Goku was holding hands with. "Who's the cutie Go?"I asked getting down so me and the kid were at the same level. "This is my son Gohan." He said with a big smile looking at his son as he was hiding behind him. "Say hi Gohan."He whispered. "Hi,"He said and every one bowed. " Hi Gohan, I'm Lexus. Nice to meet you." I said and rubbed his head and stood up straight. "Awe,"I said as I looked at Goku. "What?"He asked and tiled his head to the side. "I'm still shorter than you."I said and everyone burst out laughing.This was going better than I thought.

"Is that a tail?" Bulma asked and I looked down at Gohan who just wiggled it around. "Yep he was born with it just like me, kinda cool huh."He said and I smiled. "Hey Gohan look,"I said as I wiggled my tail too and he giggled. "You have one too." He said and I nodded. "I sure do." I said then I felt something, something bad. It was pure evil, and made me sick to the stomach. I looked at Goku and everyone else but they didn't seem to feel a thing. I brushed it off, It's probably Piccolo, I thought to myself. I looked over at Gohan as he was playing with the Turtle and then to the group as they were asking about Gohan and I smiled 'He's so innocent,' I smiled. I walked up to the water and took my shoes off, then walked in so the cold water was over my feet and I looked out in the sky. No sooner after that, I felt a rock brush past me and I turned around fast to see Goku trying to suppress a smile. "Goku! Did you just throw that rock at me?!" I twitched and he laughed. "No," He lied laughing a bit. "Oh really." I said  then I walked up to him and we started to tussle around laughing while doing so. 

"Okay okay, break it up you two. Don't have to much fun now," Krillin said with a smirk and wiggling his eyebrows while Bulma also shared that look. I blushed a bright red and looked down. "What is that suppose to mean?" Goku asked innocently. "Oh nothing,"Krillin said and then I felt it again, this evil power, but this time Goku felt it too, and moments later so did everyone else (except Bulma). This energy was coming at us fast and it was going to get here in a matter of seconds. "Hurry up get Gohan inside." I said and grabbed Gohan who was wondering what's going on. I handed him to Bulma but before they even reached the door the person who held all this power landed right before us. "Oh shit." was all I could say.


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