Chapter 19- Family and Truths

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"Have I told you how beautiful you are, bare feet and all?" he asked moving his hands from my waist down to the end of my dress teasing it with his fingertips. I gasped making him give a hearty laugh.


I grabbed Quenton's hand, enjoying the feeling of his fingers intertwined with mine. He was talking on the phone, rapidly barking orders to the poor person listening. 

We were seated in the back of his car, James was driving us to Quenton's parents for a family dinner. I wasn't the least bit looking forward to it. Of course Marie would be there along with other people I met and they were wonderful people, for the most part, but then undoubtedly there would be someone that would hate me. The nerves bubbling in my stomach weren't to be forgotten as they stirred uncomfortably making me want to turn the car around but I knew sometime I had to face his family. 

I watched as the apartments of downtown turned into the lavish mansions with perfect trimmed green lawns. The large structures menacing in there own way, making people feel weak against their large carved marble pillars. This is what my life was to be. Houses with more room then imaginable and smiles as fake as the girls boobs. Worry washed over me coating the nerves.

What if I wasn't wearing the right designer?

What if my make-up wasn't done right?

Shallow questions clouded my thoughts, above all I wanted to impress the people. 

Tugging on my fingers I looked up at Quenton looking at me with a look of concern, his phone resting on his lap. 

"Are you feeling okay?" Quenton asked rubbing his thumb over my hand. I managed a weak smile, maybe I was a little to nervous to meet his family. I shouldn't have much to worry about; I was already a legal part of his family. 

"Yeah," I breathed out looking up at his blue eyes. A smile grew on his face as he brought me closer to him.

"You have nothing to worry about, Annie. Everyone loves you," Quenton breathed into my ear. I took another deep breath, he was right Marie already loved me and if anything she would keep me enough company for the night.

I leaned onto his shoulder for the remainder of the ride, I knew I could do this.


Or I thought I could do this. His family was an overly loud boisterous family that was overflowing with jewels and obnoxious sounds. Kids ran in front of us as we entered mud staining the expensive dresses and button down shirts. Two adults were arguing in the corner of the room at each other with loud voices there champagne flutes sloshing liquid around them. Other adults were close to each other in circles around the room talking and laughing with one another.

This wasn't what I thought it would be. The Glbonchi mansion was full of life and love of a family.  Nixion emerged from the crowd with a bright smile on his face with his sleeves on the pale green shirt rolled up, he looked relaxed and happy. 

"Brother! You never come to these things!" Nixion greeted Quenton with a large slap on the back. "And you brought your beautiful wife."

"Hello Annie," he said with a devilish smirk and kissed my hand. 

"Afternoon Nixion," I giggled. Quenton tugged me closer to his side and placed a hand on my waist. 

"As you said my beautiful wife," Quenton reminded him. Nixion waved him off and complemented the dress I had worn wearing the same devilish smirk on his face. 

"Quen!" Danny cheered from the crowd weaving his way out. His hand was tightly twined with the same British beauty it was at dinner and he held a drink in his hand. "My eyes are playing tricks on me."

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