Cristal POV:

I wake up and look at Rylands bed, he isnt there. Maybe he is already awake and in the living room. I get out of the bed and look for the bathroom, as I am walking out of the room i bump into Rydel.

"Good morning." Rydel says cheerfully.

"Good morning, can you please show me where the toilet is?" I say polietly.

"Of course." She says while pointing in the direction of the bathroom.

"Thank you."

"Its fine, oh when your done come to my room and we can talk about your date later"

"Ok." I say before going into the bathroom. When i am finished i go to Rydels room, she is sat on her bed watching tv.

"Hey." I say.

"Oh hey, come sit here." Rydel said while pointing to a spot on her bed.

I sit down where she is pointing.

"So where do you wish Ryland would take you on a date?" Rydel asks me.

"Defiently the beach at night under the stars." I say almost pictureing the perfect date.

"I almost wish i was going on a date tonight now." Rydel says.

I laugh, we talk for a while until i decide i should go home eventhough i havent had my breakfast but i will just get some toast when i get home. I borrow some more clothes from Rydel since i didnt bring any for today and then i head home.

Rydel Pov:

As soon as Cristal leaves i go and find Ryland, I find him in the practise room with Ratliff.

"Hey Ry-Ry, hey Ell." I say happy to see Ratliff.

"Hey Rydel, did you ask Rydel about her perfect date?" Ryland asks me.

"Yes i did and she said she would love to go to the beach at night under the stars." I say while staring at Ell.

"Oh well, I better get planning it." Ryland said as he ran out of the room.

"Hey Rydel." Ell says.

"Hey Ellington." I say blushing.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me tonight?" Ell asks me.

"Yeah, where and what are we doing?"

"To our secret beach and we are going to have a picnic under the stars."

"Oh, sounds good." I say.

"Rydel, Lynch kids meeting, oh and Ratliff can come to!" Rocky shouts in the practice room.

"Ok." Me and Ratliff both say as we follow Rocky to Rker and Rockys room for a Lynch kids meeting. You may be wondering what that is, well it is something we came up with when we were little and it kind of stuck. Today the meeting was about Rylands date tonight. The meeting was so long it included a trip to Mcdonalds and to the beach, but we finally managed to help Ryland plan the perfect date for Cristal. Ratliff left half way through to plan my perfect date. I need to go get ready it is nearly time.

Ryland POV:

It is time, i hope Cristal will enjoy this date. Ive rang her and she is on her way now. Here she is.

"Hey Cristal." Wow she looks so pretty.

"Hey Ryland."

"Lets go for an evening walk under the stars."

"Oh Ryland how did you know?" she asks me.

"A little birdy told me."

I know she will love this date.

Rydel Pov:
I walk to mine and Ratliffs secret beach and find him sat on a blanket with a picnic basket.

"Hey Ell." I say.

"Hey Rydel, I hope you like it."

"Oh Ell, I love it."

That was the best day ever ever. Me and Ratliff talked and eat the picnic.

"Thanks for the date Ell, it was amazing." I say while giving him a hug.

"Im glad you like it." Ell said as i walked to my front door.

"Bye." I say as i go inside.


I go upstairs and go to sleep smiling because of an amazing date.

Cristal Pov:

That date was amazing, me and Ryland walked on the beach all evening, I think i am in love with Ryland. I didnt want the date to end but it did and i am now in bed thinking about my perfect date with the perfect boy.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Im sorry the first few chapters are bad, this is my first fanfic.

Next chapter will mainly be in Ross Pov. Raura will come soon.  

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