Horrible, Just Horrible

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You are in high school for this one-shot.
Note: Light cussing.

Your POV

Oh no. Was my first thought when B/F/N said she had something "Fun" to do. It was 10:00 PM and we were at my house when we got bored. She dragged me into her car talking about how everyone was doing this new trend, not bothering to tell me where we are going.

Moments later we pulled up in front of a house. Music was blasting from multiple speakers and there were neon lights flashing everywhere. I could already see that in the front of the house people were dancing, making out, and all that other stuff I would rather not describe.

Oh fudge, B/F/N brought me to a damn high school party.

I mentally cried inside. Why do high school students like doing this? It's basically just a bunch of underage drinkers getting drunk, grinding, and making stupid mistakes to be only scolded and grounded the next day!

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked B/F/N.

She grinned, "You need to live a little, what's the worst thing that could happen?"

B/F/N pulled me inside of the huge house. In the living room was a dance floor with a DJ. There was a table to the side filled with all kinds of Alcohol. It reeked of throw up and sweat but I don't think any of the "dancers" were aware of it.

"Hey B/F/N-" I turned around to find myself all alone.

Seriously?! She left me all alone in a stranger's house where there could be rapists. I looked around the room hoping to find a glimpse of the girl. Nothing.

I huffed and decided to just go upstairs, away from the noise and gross people.

I walked passed bedrooms, covering my ears and looking straight ahead. When I reached the end of the hallway, I saw a pull-out ladder leading to the attic.

Well maybe the attic will be fun. Right? Totally not gonna be creepy and filled with ghosts and spiders that could kill me...

I climbed up the steps and went into the room. Nothing much but a TV and a couch.


C/N is sitting on the couch staring at me. He looked like he was really, really annoyed.

"O-oh I'll just leave," I turned around and was about to head back to the ladder when he spoke up.

"Oh hey Y/N good thing it's just you. I'm bored out of my mind here."

"Hey C/N, say, are you drunk?" way to go Y/N. Just a great conversation starter.

"I don't think so?" he chuckled.

I walked closer to look at him. He didn't look drunk. He wasn't acting it either.

I sat down next to him and asked, "Why are you up here?"

"I could ask the same question," he turned and looked at me.


"Want to watch TV?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence.


I grabbed the remote, turned on the TV and started flipping through channels.

"Hey flip back to the last one," C/N said.

He's into horror movies? "Horror movie name" was on and I am not really a big fan of it, but oh well. I can't let him think I'm a weakling.

"Fudge!" I screamed as I put my face into one of the couch cushions.

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