Diary of a Thot

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Hi bitchrs wassup my name is Alixandra

I would fuck a bitch up if I wasn't 6 months preggers with my future husband

Jai' Quan baby girls I have 6 kids by him about to be 7

Im technically what u people call a thot

Its my life so how y'all gon judge me

Cause nobody's perfect

So yesterdayJai'Quan tried to fuck me

And I was like no uh uh u put this in me we shouldn't get another one

So me and Jai'Quan got 4 girls (one is in me) 3 boys

They names are girls : (oldest to youngest) Jai'nayla , Zaria , Ky'Jéan , and the one in my tummy Quan'isha

Boys: Jai'Quan Jr. , Kali'quan ,Da'Li'Quan


So we had the baby she is so fly and cute

That's probably the end of the motherfucking story

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