“She is my responsibility” Lillabeth’s normal calm had been completely disrupted leaving her as angry a Alistair, they had been discussing the missive that Telen had received, it’s directions were simple if they wanted the girl back then they had to meet the guild at the docks, however only Maelgywn and Lillabeth were to show. “It only requests Maelgywn and I, we need her safe Alistair.”

“Our entire country needs you both to be safe, you will not be doing this.” Alistair fired back.

“Unfortunately for you, you don’t really have that authority.” Maelgywn said softly “We will be meeting them.” Alistair started to swear, shaking his head and levelling a pointed look at Lillabeth he left the room with a loud bang as the door slammed.

“When they say alone, they don’t really mean alone… You will be at a crowded tavern named “The Dock”…” Everet looked at the people around him at the small table ‘well, lets get planning.”


The shaking had started again, it was gripping her, like waves through her body, surely the water would be coming soon, it had to be, the had shaking started.

Roughly she was brought out into the piercing light, it was cold here, and bright, nothing like her warm cosy space. They had even untied her; her arms were shaking and hanging uselessly by her sides. But there was water on the table; greedily with speed she didn’t know she had she grabbed the jug from the table.

Yet it wasn’t her water, it wasn’t sweet and cool, it was just water. As she dropped the useless jug she fell to her knees and the shaking grew worse, the waves intensifying as a laughing mocking voice handed her a new cup.


“Maelgywn you’d have to be a fool not to see through their disguises” Lillabeth scoffed as they waited by the tavern named “the Dock”.

“Then hopefully the men we are meeting are fools.” Maelgywn looked down at his younger sister “there was no point in arguing with them, they were determined to come.”

“I think we can assume that the Assassins are currently in power, I highly doubt that they won’t have noticed our companions.” Lillabeth rolled her eyes at Alistair who stood directly across from her, starring directly at them, it was his moustache that was setting her off, it was crooked, it didn’t match his red hair, and it as longer on one side. She wanted to go over there rip it off and laugh in his smug blue eyes.

Maelgywn grabbed her arm roughly as a covered wagon pulled up beside them. “Get in your lordships” a rough heavily accented voice called from seemingly nowhere.

 Both Maelgywn and Lillabeth hesitated as the unexpected turn of events.

“Hurry up, or I leave without you.” The voice demanded.

Throwing caution to the wind Lillabeth climbed up into the darkness of the covered wagon, Maelgywn soon following her.


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