Ch. 7

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Em awoke in total darkness. A cramped tiny space void of any light, struggling she managed to slightly sit up. A rough fabric was cutting into her wrists making it hard for her to move her fingers.

Her heart was beating so fast and her breathing was increasing as she continued to try to wriggle and squirm her way out of the binds that were holding her.

Her mouth tasted horrible, a gag had been used clearly to muffle any screaming. Silent tears ran down her face, what possible situation had she gotten herself into this time…


“What do you mean you have no idea where she is” Maelgywn demanded as he paced the small space between the fire and chairs in their small apartments.

“We think the Assassin guild took her Maelgywn.” Lillabeth stated for what felt like the hundredth time. “It seems a touch coincidental that after enquiring after the guild that an important part of our party goes missing” Lillabeth was far calmer than anyone else in the room.

Alistar, Everet and Telen were still out searching in vain for the lost young girl. Realising that she was no longer around the fountain had been one of the most gut wrenching feelings Lillabeth had had. She felt like sho couldn’t breathe and her minor abilities that could normally pick up on the girls’ feelings were lost in the crowd.

It had been Telen yelling Ems name that had alerted Lillabeth that she hadn’t seen the girl in some time, yet with a sinking feeling she had known that the girl had been taken. The guild finally had made contact.

“You think they have her?” Lucan asked quietly as he toyed with a dirk.

“I am not a betting woman, but I would put money on receiving a missive for a meeting in the upcoming day or two.” Lillabeth answered


Em had no idea how long she had been held in the dark cupboard, occasionally she thought she heard shuffling and distant voices outside but it seemed too difficult to focus. It was better to lay back and sleep rather than struggling and get nowhere. Every now and then water was placed in her hands; it was fuzzy when she tried to remember how. It hurt to think too hard or move, the water was sweet and delicious, everything started to centre around the water.


“Only two of us may go? They only want Maelgywn and Lillabeth to go and meet them at the docks” Alistair was beyond angry ”That’s beyond ridiculous, how could you even be considering this?”

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