Chapter 2

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"Corrin, I'm here!" I yell as I walk into the house. "I'll be down in a sec!" I here her yell back. Seconds later I here footsteps coming down the stairs and Corrin appears.

"Hey! How was work?" She says once she sees me. " Just fabulous!" I exclaim, my voice dripping with sarcasm. "Haha, you really do hate that job." Corrin mumbles.

"Yes! I do hate it very much! Freaking Patti needing me to take over for her 20 times a day so that she can go out and destroy her lungs, then making a stupid excuse to leave so that I'm stuck doing her job! I think I might end up quitting before the contract ends. I seriously can't take it!" I ramble.

"I understand where you're coming from, but don't quit unless you really can't take it anymore. Plus, you might need to quit anyway since we're moving to California!" she explains.

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot about moving to Cali this summer! Do you know when we are going to fly over there?" I ask.

"Well I was looking at airline websites and I found a flight for next week. That way we'll have enough time to get all of our stuff packed and the furniture we want to bring shipped there." She answers.

"Ok that sounds good!" I exclaim jumping up and down from the excitement.

"So now what should we do?" Corrin questions. "Hmmmm... Let's go to the movies!" I exclaim. "Ok, what movie though?" "I heard that there's a really good scary movie that just came out!" I request.

"Sure! Let's go!" she agrees. "Oh, can I borrow some clothes? I don't feel like going there in work clothes," I ask. "You don't even need to ask!" Corrin smiles going up to her room with me right behind her.

We both have similar style taste, so it works out well when we want to borrow clothes from each other. Since I'm a little more curvy than her, some of the clothes are snug, but for the most part it's fine.

I pick out a pair of black leggings, a white tank top with a daisy embroidery along the neck line, a jean jacket, and white high top converse. I just leave my hair in its waves from this morning, and my makeup is still in good shape.

"All right, I'm ready!" I announce, walking down stairs. "Girl, you look cute!" Corrin compliments. "Thanks! You look pretty too!" I respond. Corrin is wearing a cream sweater, maroon leggings, a black leather jacket, and low top white converse. She also has her hair in a ponytail and natural makeup.

"Thanks! Now let's go before we're late for the movie!" she commands. We walk down the driveway to my car. Once we're driving, she turns on the radio and I wanna get better by Bleachers came on.

After a few more songs played, we finally got to the theater. We quickly grabbed our purses and walked into the building.

"Hi, welcome to Imagine Theaters. What movie?" a boy around our age asks. Wow, rude much? "Um were going to see The Conjuring," Corrin says, trying her hardest not to sass this boy out. (A/N: I know this isn't a new movie but I couldn't think of a scary new movie). "Ok, that's 12 dollars." he smirks, noticing our annoyance. We both throw 6 dollars onto the counters while he prints the tickets. Once he hands us the tickets, we stomp away to where the movie room is.

"I seriously hate people." I mutter. "Tell me about it," Corrin mumbles back.

Once we walk into the room that our movie is playing in, we see that there's not a lot of people. From what I can see, the biggest group of people looks to be around 9 people. The rest are just couples and such scattered around.

We always take the back row in movie theaters, so we walk up the isle to the top row. Sadly, the big group of (what I now know are boys) is right in front of us. Let me just say that they are being so loud and obnoxious. The movie hasn't started yet, but if they're acting like this now they probably won't stop.

"Alright, I'm giving them five minutes to shut up. If they don't, they're going to get it." I whisper to Corrin. "Ok, good because

I'm not going to spend six dollars just to watch some immature, stupid guys fool around." she answers, saying immature stupid boys a little louder, hoping they would here her but they didn't.

We talk a little more until my phone goes off from five minutes. Yes I set my phone alarm, don't judge me! " Well I guess it's time to make them shut the heck up." I say as Corrin and I both smirk, knowing that this won't be pretty.

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