Hey Carter

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Kaitlyn's POV

I woke up at 5:30 and get ready to takr my run. I walked down stairs and grab a bottle of water and walk out the house. I let Cameron sleep because he needed it. As I was running I realized that I haven't spent any time with Carter of any of the boys at that.  Im going to do something about that.  When I got home I yelled for all the boys to come down stairs and they did

" Hey guys I want to do something today so what about we all go to the beach and then after Carter we can go get that tattoo we wanted to get together what do you guys think?"

" Yeah that would be cool lets go."

I walk to my room and put on my purple bikini and a jean skirt with flip flops and walk down stairs and see everyone there we got in the cars and went to the beach.  After Carter and I when to get a tattoo together.  Carter got a owl and I got a panda on our arms. Then we went to get food for everyone and went back to the house and ate and watched movies the hole night and then I fell asleep next to Carter.

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